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3.5based on 7636 ratings
On time delivery
Delivery experience
Overall Rating
2.5based on 339 ratings
On time delivery
Delivery experience
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2.9based on 9718 ratings
On time delivery
Delivery experience
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1.6based on 658 ratings
On time delivery
Delivery experience
Parcel Monitor user from United Statesa day ago
Parcel Monitor user from United Statesa day ago
The delivery person left for hours a recognizable expensive parcel leaning on my garage door where anybody from the street could see it. It would have suffice for the delivery person to carry the parcel just 15 more feet to put the parcel by the front door where it would have been out of sight. Neighbours who saw the parcel completely exposed had to do the delivery person job and moved the parcel to the front door. I am surprised of the lack of common sense of the delivery person.
Parcel Monitor user from United States2 days ago
It's been over a month since my antique engine parts were shipped from Nebraska and I'm still waiting. First they were in Orlando and as of April 30th they are being sent from Ocala, Florida. Why is it taking so long? I'm really disappointed! Even USPS is faster and I wish the sender had sent them snail mail.
Parcel Monitor user from United States3 days ago
You people NEVER came to my address with my package. Now you have it floating all over the place, have you gone nuts?
Parcel Monitor user from United States3 days ago
Package sat in Troutdale for several days. When it finally came to my town, way past the promised delivery date, website indicated it would be delivered by the end of the day. Then it said it wouldn't, because of "requested delayed delivery." Not true, no one requested that. Then it changed to "delivery attempted, recipient not home." Again not true, FedEx never came by. Frequent delays are bad enough (happens a lot with FedEx), lying about it is worse.
Parcel Monitor user from United States6 days ago
Aluminum bike coming from L.A. to K.C. (O.P.); box was blown out on the end like it had been dropped from a height and contents had broken through. This probably from either carelessness in packing semi or the delivery vehicle. Not good!!!
Parcel Monitor user from United States7 days ago
This package has been in transit from CA to OR for 2 plus weeks now and has said that it will be delivered only to be later updated/delayed later in the day to the next day 3 times now. Please deliver my package.
Parcel Monitor user from United States7 days ago
This is only my second time using UPS Mail Innovations, but both times I have had EXTREMELY late deliveries. Will never use again.
Parcel Monitor user from Finland8 days ago
All cost paid beforehand (customs etc), yet parcel waiting for two weeks to be declared. No info, no clarificaitons, nothing. FedEx seems to be a disaster. Avoid at all cost
Parcel Monitor user from United States9 days ago
Fedex is the absolute worst, always late, double the time of other shippers
Your easy-to-use tracking solution for parcels worldwide

Global parcel tracking for all carriers

You have multiple tracking numbers, different logistics providers, looking for regular track event updates? We have you covered. Allow us to take out the complexity of tracing your shipments across different carriers. We provide you with an easy-to-use overview of your parcel tracking, translations & regular updates - simple and convenient!

Auto-detect local and international logistics providers

Tired of using multiple track and trace websites for your parcel tracking? With Parcel Monitor, you found your one-stop solution for all global logistics providers. We are offering a tracking service for all domestic and multi-national carriers, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS and other Postal operators. No need for any other track and trace website anymore - all your tracking can now be done via Parcel Monitor!

Enhance your online shopping experience

Visit and purchase at your favourite webshop or market place without having to worry about your deliveries. No matter what retailer you choose - you can order your e-commerce fashion items, newest electronic accessories or home ware, and check the status of your shopping success just after check-out - anytime, anywhere with Parcel Monitor.

Track & trace your parcels any time and get regular updates

You want automatic update on the progress of all your parcels across carriers? Not to worry! We help you to track all your shipments in one overview and provide you with regular email updates. No matter what carrier, no matter what country, no matter what language - Parcel Monitor will quickly become your preferred tracking website.

Track any packages with Parcel Monitor

Parcel Monitor is a global postal tracking platform for all international parcels. You can track and trace your order at your convenience with your global tracking number.  

Parcel Monitor provides parcel tracking across all packages regardless of which retailer or marketplace (e.g. Taobao, Shopee, Amazon, eBay, and ASOS) you purchase from. Receive live updates on your packages and track them throughout their parcel delivery journey. The international tracking platform provides universal tracking information for any kind of global package across all logistics couriers.  

Our global parcel tracking service is available for USPS tracking, USPS tracking, FedEx tracking, China Post tracking, Royal Mail tracking, and more.  

What is a tracking number?

A parcel tracking number is a unique set of numbers assigned to your packages upon shipping. A global tracking number helps you to track and trace your package throughout the entire delivery journey.  

If you are the sender, the postal officer will issue you the tracking number. If you ordered an item online, the tracking number will be updated on your order information. The seller will also send across an email updating your order’s shipment, you can then find your tracking number within the email.  

In case you do not find a tracking number, contact the online store and ask for a tracking number for your order (global tracking number if it is an international shipment) to track your order.  

Where can I find my tracking number?

After you have made an online purchase, the seller will send you an order confirmation email and follow up with an order shipment update once your order has been dispatched. In the email, you will be able to see an assigned tracking number.  

If you do not see a tracking number, please contact the seller directly for a tracking number of your package to track your order. In the case where you are receiving a package from someone and would like to track its delivery journey, you can get the global tracking number from the sender directly.  

If you are sending a package, your local post office will issue you with a global tracking number. There is also a possibility that your parcel will not have a tracking number. Delivery tracking service is not available for several specific shipping methods. In this case, you would not be able to track your package.  

Where is my parcel and how to track my parcel?

To track your parcel, simply key in your tracking number from the seller in our parcel tracker and we will provide you with live tracking updates. You do not need to provide us with courier details or translate anything. We will translate your parcel tracking information into your preferred language for you, and send you regular email updates on your parcel.  

It is very easy and convenient. You won’t need to guess which carrier or manually track and trace with multiple carriers. To know where your package is, simply enter your tracking number on this page and hit Track Package.  

A report related to your parcel delivery will be shown to you including every shipping history as well as your parcel delivery status.  

How to track international packages?

Ordered from an online store that isn’t based in your country? No worries, our parcel tracking platform allows you to track parcels internationally. With our global postal tracking tool, you will get comprehensive tracking information and links to each official carrier website with a prefilled tracking number, so you can globally track the delivery. Type the tracking number into the designed box, then we will be sending you constantly updated parcel tracking information so that you know where your packages are all the time.  

In case your global tracking number is unsupported, please contact your seller and let them know.  

Examples of Marketplaces

ASOS ASOS is one of the biggest UK retail and fashion e-commerce stores. The retailer has over 850 brands and ships to all 196 countries. Track and trace your ASOS package or parcel with our global parcel tracker by the ASOS global tracking or order number that was given to you.
Taobao Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website, owned by the Alibaba group. It is now the eighth-most visited website worldwide with over a billion product listings. Get your order and tracking information on Taobao global shipping tracking site. Moreover, the global shipping tracker tool will automatically translate that information into your desired language.
Wish Wish is an American online e-commerce platform that facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers founded in 2010. It is now the 6th biggest marketplace in China. Wish provides a wide range of cheap goods from China. Find your Wish global tracking number to track your Wish order.
Zalando Zalando is a European e-commerce company. This marketplace offers fashion and lifestyle products. Their products can now reach customers in 17 European countries. Go to Zalando’s universal tracking page and get updated on your parcel.
IKEA Founded in Sweden, IKEA has been the world's largest furniture retailer since 2008. The company designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories, among other useful goods to worldwide customers. Track your IKEA parcel with our international tracking tool.
iHerb iHerb is a marketplace dedicated to natural and healthy products including vitamins, supplements, and groceries. iHerb delivers world-renowned brands directly to you by multiple distribution channels across the US and Asia. Find out more on how to track international parcels from iHerb.
eBay eBay is one of the most popular e-commerce marketplaces globally. It is known for its auction consumer-to-consumer summer sales. eBay just launched the Global Shipping Program recently. Now you can easily track their parcels through our global postal tracker once by putting in their parcel tracking number. Find more detailed instructions for global eBay tracking.
Shopify Shopify Inc. is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company. It has developed an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Shopify offers online retailers a suite of services including payments, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools. With the global shipping tracking tool, you can now track Shopify orders at any time.
AliExpress Founded by the Alibaba Group, AliExpress is an online retail platform where consumers can purchase electronics, accessories, home appliances, and more. Consumers can choose the carrier provider to deliver the packages at the payment stage. Track your AliExpress parcels with your AliExpress global express tracking number.
Lazada Lazada is one of the giants in e-commerce in Southeast Asia. It is owned by Alibaba Group and operated sites in multiple countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore). The marketplace partners with several logistics agencies across Asia. To track your order from Lazada, check out our delivery tracking tools.
Amazon Amazon is the world's largest online marketplace, AI assistant provider, live-streaming platform, and cloud computing platform as measured by revenue and market capitalization. Amazon also has localized stores for each market. For international package tracking, getting the Amazon tracking number and type on our global parcel tracker.
Etsy Etsy is a global online marketplace that sells vintage accessories and jewelry, furniture, art, crafts, and handmade items. As of December 2018, Etsy had over 60 million items in its marketplace and is connected 2.1 million sellers with 39.4 million buyers. Track your orders from Etsy easily with our parcel tracker.
Shopee Shopee is a leading marketplace in Southeast Asia and operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. Shopee’s orders are delivered by its logistics partners such as Ninja Van, LBC Express, Poslaju, and more. Track your Shopee packages on Parcel Monitor!

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You have multiple tracking numbers, different logistics providers, looking for regular track event updates? We have you covered. Allow us to take out the complexity of tracing your shipments across different carriers. We provide you with an easy-to-use overview of your parcel tracking, translations & regular updates - simple and convenient!

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