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You can track all Yun Express packages globally. All you need is a YunExpress tracking number with Parcel Monitor. Yun Express tracking is a Chinese e-commerce logistics and delivery service provider that delivers all of your YunExpress packages globally.
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Parcel Monitor usera year ago
We still haven't gotten our package yet and it has been within miles of our house for a week now. This totally sucks Where's our package????
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
No communication from this carrier after 2 months (since April 3rd) of waiting for delivery. Terrible service.
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Totally suspect service. You provide no contact number for Yun express in Australia only a general email address which they never reply to. All attempts to legitimately track the parcel leads back to the same email address so no hope of ever getting an answer to where your parcel actually is. Have contacted supplier and requested change of transport company for all future deliveries. If you are unwilling to deal with local enquirers in the destination country once it has arrived then one can only assume you are either totally inefficient or running a scam
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Your tracking info is vague. I don't know where my package is. Not happy 😒 at all with your tracking.
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
I have not received my parcel
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Very fast to arrive in Australia but no updates since handed over to delivery partner
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
was good delivery would of liked more communication. but great turn around time
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Considering all things no problems at all
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Great service fast delivery tracking all the way thank you
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About Yun Express Tracking

Founded in 2014, YunPost, also known as YunExpress (YunTrack or Yuntu Logistics) is a third-party logistics company in Shenzhen, China. The logistics service provider partners with a wide range of online marketplaces such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and Joom. After 7 years of establishment, Yun Express has experienced remarkable growth as it has become one of the most leading cross-border shipping providers for B2C e-commerce. YunExpress shipments are delivered to France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, United States, and other countries. Yun Express has warehouses located in different parts of the world: Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. Based in China, YunExpress provides global logistics services to 6 continents.  

Yun Express has 4 main services: cross-border B2C logistics service, FBA transfer, postal parcel, and international express. YunExpress strives to become a trusted partner of clients, helping them easily ship parcels to buyers all over the world.  

How can I track my YunExpress package with Yun Express tracking?

To track your YunExpress package, you will need an active Yun Express tracking number. This number would help you to track any Yun Express packages at any time.  

If you bought something from an online store, the Yun Express tracking number is usually shown through the order confirmation or shipment information pages on the e-commerce website. If you are unable to find your YunExpress package tracking number, you may contact the customer service of the e-commerce website and request for a Yun Express parcel tracking number.  

Once you checked out your shopping cart with the e-commerce store, you will receive an order confirmation email attached with an order ID. Subsequently, you will receive another notification email once your order has been dispatched. This email will come with a shipment ID which is your YunExpress package tracking number. You can track your Yun Express parcels with Parcel Monitor's YunExpress global package tracking tool.  

After you have your YunExpress tracking number, enter the tracking number with our YunExpress tracking service and you will see your package’s entire delivery journey as well as the package’s latest status and estimated delivery date. The Yun Express package tracking update comes in more than 30 languages.  

You will be able to see the entire YunExpress delivery journey of your Yun Express packages. YunExpress parcel tracking also works with Amazon in the US and Europe that provides Amazon sellers with a cost-effective alternative to ship their packages. If you made any online purchases with Amazon and would like to ship them to China, you can track your Amazon orders with YunExpress.  

How long does it take YunExpress tracking to deliver packages?

Yun Express delivers internationally from China and acts as an intermediary between Chinese merchants and domestic carriers globally.
Yun Express tracking picks up all packages from the sellers before delivering them to their destination country.
The average time for delivery is broken down into two parts as Yun Express has zero visibility on the estimated delivery date and time as the delivery is passed onto the local carrier of the final destination country.
For most international deliveries, it takes an average of 5 to 15 days depending on the type of package - dimensions, weight, origin country, and destination.
For packages to the United States, Yun Express works with FedEx tracking while packages to Europe is dependent on the local carrier.

What is my YunExpress tracking number?

Your Yun Express tracking number is a unique number associated with each package and order. After successfully completing an order, you will immediately receive an email confirmation with your order number. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive another email with a parcel tracking number. You can track your package with this unique set of YunExpress package tracking numbers. If you are the sender of the package, the Yun Express tracking number will be given to you after filling the Dispatch Note.  

You can use the assigned Yun Express tracking number to track your Yun Express package. The package tracking number usually begins with “YT” followed by some numbers. The chain of numbers is generated randomly and the Yun Express tracking number is unique for each parcel.  

How does Yun Express ship packages?

YunExpress is a third-party shipment provider, working with the world's leading logistics companies, merchants, and marketplaces.  
If you are a frequent buyer from marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, you may notice that Yun Express is one of the shipping options. After you have placed your order, the merchant will send the package directly to YunExpress for them to deliver the package to you. Yun Express works with the world’s leading postal networks that specializes in air freight, commercial and custom clearance, and FBA delivery.  
Here is how YunExpress ships their packages:

  • Courier picks up or receives packages that are to be shipped out of China, which is sent to the Yun Express carrier facility.

  • The package is then transported by YunExpress to the destination country.

  • After your package has gone through customs control, the package will be transferred to another local courier for delivery. Yun Express partners with global logistics companies and will pick the most affordable local courier for your package: USPS for the US, Royal Mail for the UK, and DHL for Germany and so on.

What is YunExpress cross border tracking?

YunExpress is a logistics provider established with the aim of providing the best shipping solutions to global cross-border e-commerce sellers from all over the world. Yun Express has multiple warehouses and efficient logistics service teams globally -- they provide the fastest and most direct worldwide transportation services for small packages in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, and more for cross-border e-commerce business.  

How does YunExpress work with Amazon in Europe?

As a third-party logistics provider with Amazon, YunExpress has an independent service called Europe FBA UK-VAT, which exclusively serves Amazon sellers in Europe. The parcels will be picked up directly from your destination and shipped to the FBA warehouse.  

Transported by the flight from HK to EU ports, the parcels are then gone through some customs clearance processes before being finally delivered by UPS. Yun Express assures that the whole process is held smoothly so that the order can reach customers in the fastest and cheapest way. If you have a package tracking number from Amazon that begins with “YT” or order tracking that says “shipped with YunExpress”, you will be able to track your package from pickup to delivery - i.e. the entire delivery journey.  

How does Yun Express work with Amazon in the US?

To serve the needs of the global e-commerce business in the US, YunExpress developed US FBA Ocean Freight, a shipping solution provider. This will help Yun Express take care of Amazon sellers' shipments in the most convenient and effective way. YunExpress also provides Amazon sellers with the most cost-effective and traceable logistics services to the US warehouses - e-commerce fulfillment solutions. With customs clearance experience and a high-quality delivery system, Yun Express will deliver the packages with affordable and fast shipping solutions for the entire delivery journey.  

Can I track China Post packages with YunExpress?

With our postal tracker, you can track Yun Express US Direct, Yun Express UK and Yun Express Canada to get full information about your YunExpress package with real-time updates.  

However, YunExpress does not offer the China Post tracking. Instead, you can use our track China Post tracking service for ChinaPost shipments. To track China Post packages, just enter the China Post tracking number or other shipment number to identify your China Post package’s location.  

What does the delivery statuses mean on Yun Express tracking?


This means that your order has been picked up by one of YunExpress's delivery drivers.

Shipment departed from warehouse

This means that your package has left the warehouse and is currently in transit.

Processing/shipment information received

If you receive parcel status updates from Yun Express package tracking that says “processing” or “shipment information received”, it means that your parcel has yet to be received by YunExpress. The online retailer has not sent out your packages to Yun Express track.

In transit

This means that your parcel is on its way to you and that YunExpress will be handling your packages soon.

Out for delivery

Yun Express will be delivering your package/ your order is now out for delivery and you will receive your package within the day or immediate next day.


Yun Express has made a delivery attempt but failed to deliver your package and is being returned to the local distributor warehouse. This could be because YunExpress received an incorrect parcel delivery address.

What do I do if my Yun Express tracking status remains the same for days?

If your parcel is with the local custom, it could be waiting for release. YunExpress is not responsible for any packages held at customs. Please contact the online retailer or merchant directly. However, if your parcel was delivered to Yun Express, you should contact YunExpress directly and request for a package delivery status.

Can I change my delivery address with Yun Express track?

If the online retailer has delivered your order to YunExpress, you can no longer change the address on the e-commerce platform. You can try contacting Yun Express and get help from the customer service team.

How to contact Yun Express tracking?

You can contact YunExpress through their email address

Yun Express focuses mainly on the delivery of packages. YunExpress will pick up your package from the retailer and deliver it to your country and hands the package over to the carrier or postal services in your country.

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