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Parcel Monitor for UPS lets you track your UPS Standard, Worldwide Express or Express Critical packages with just your tracking number! United Parcel Services or UPS is amongst the world’s largest package delivery companies.
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Parcel Monitor user from United Statesa day ago
Never received or got shopping information.
Parcel Monitor user from United Statesa day ago
Great people always courteous, look out for your packages, do recommend will use again
Parcel Monitor user from New Zealand2 days ago
Fantastic service
Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom2 days ago
Had 5 updates saying this parcel was on its way that day, 5 days stayed in waiting and nothing arrived, only after calling and been on hold for 20 minutes found out it was held at customs even though the seller had filled in all paperwork required. Absolute shit show of a courier.
Parcel Monitor user from Norway2 days ago
There is no contact info and it says delivery was attempted a half hour ago and a card left. I have been home the entire time and no card is on the door or in the mail box. This is not good service.
Parcel Monitor user from Greece2 days ago
UPS very poor service. Seems to have a problem with delivery that all the other couriers do not have!!!! Perhaps they should look at the address properly which include 2 telephone numbers for contact!
Parcel Monitor user from United States4 days ago
I think your customer service sucks! Giving a customer a 5 hour window for delivery and no way of tracking a package in real time is ridiculous. If your run by the federal government I understand your frustration but this is just one more example of why this crap don't wok!
Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom5 days ago
Never more its rubbish and take it ages
Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom7 days ago
Disgusting waited 3 weeks especially when you are charging nearly £15 delivery never again !!!!
Parcel Monitor user from United States8 days ago
The package was not received. I spoke with someone this morning. She provided me with the name of the person who signed for the package-Nigel Bu. This person does not work at the Church where it was sent. The representative was going to send me an email to file a claim if it was not received. I do have the original receipt and the contents were insured at the UPS Store. I need a claim form, please. Thank you. Sr. Catherine
Your easy-to-use tracking solution for parcels worldwide

Convenient and easy UPS track & trace solution

Searching for a solution to track your numerous packages internationally? Look no further - Parcel Monitor is your all-in-one package tracking solution providing real-time updates for your UPS package. All the status updates you are looking for on a single page. Just enter your tracking numbers and check them anytime and anywhere. Try it now!

Enter your UPS tracking number and get updates with one click

No need of browsing various shipment tracking websites and wasting your time just to get status updates on on your parcels is currently - Parcel Monitor is offering the single step tracking solution for your UPS shipments. Now you can get all tracking related data for your parcels from any part of the world with a single click from Parcel Monitor.

Don't miss any UPS tracking updates

Want to get the latest updates of all your UPS shipments? Parcel Monitor is the best answer for you. Just click "Get Updates" and you will get all essential updates and information on every one of your shipments automatically to your mailbox. You can even select the language of your choice and you will get updates in your preferred language.

Improve your UPS tracking experience

Parcel Monitor allows you to check all your tracking details on a single page and has all the latest updates. Go to our page and sign up for our regular CRM email updates to stay ahead of your UPS tracking updates - regardless of the country of procurement or retailer. The site tracks all your shipments - UPS standard, Worldwide Express or Express Critical.

About UPS

Founded in 1907, UPS (United Parcel Service) is the world’s biggest courier company, originally known as the American Messenger Company specializing in telegraphs. This American multinational shipping and supply chain management company has since become a leading global provider of a wide range of specialized transportation and logistics services. This success is powered by modern transportation, international commerce, logistics and financial services.  

Today, UPS is customer first, people-led, innovation-driven. As a customer of UPS, you are given a wide range of delivery services to choose from in order to post parcels of all shapes and sizes via UPS’ networks. Such parcel delivery services range from Ground shipping to Express, to small parcels dropped off at Access Points, to even pallets utilising Freight networks. Regardless of your choice, UPS is always ready to support you delivering packages of various shapes and sizes.  

Most importantly, UPS tracking makes it easy for you to track your parcel. With each parcel allocated a unique tracking number, which usually begins with a ‘1Z’, you will be able to monitor the progress of your shipment as it moves along the UPS system, allowing you to easily track your packages.  

How does UPS tracking work?

UPS tracking offers reliable tracking tools for shippers of all sizes and needs. Whether you only ship occasionally or manage a complex global supply chain, the state-of-the-art UPS tracking services offered by will help you.  

With UPS My Choice, the senders are in control of the incoming and outgoing packages, including managing their own shipments, personalizing how they track the package and easily rerouting it if needed. For home and small business deliveries that want to track their packages, UPS offers 2 options:  

  • UPS My Choice for Home Deliveries
  • UPS My Choice for Business -- ideal for businesses

With a focused dashboard where business owners see all parcel tracking, UPS My Choice for Business provides business with a customized dashboard, branded tracking, as well as returns and claims management tools.  

For larger firms, UPS offers Quantum View and Flex Global View to meet more complex UPS package tracking needs. These UPS tracking options offer greater tracking visibility of shipping activity across supply chains or across transportation modes with highly customizable views, notifications and reporting.  

How to track a UPS package?

After creating a shipment, you will immediately receive a package ID, a parcel tracking number and a delivery confirmation number. You can use one of these numbers to track UPS parcels. Just type the parcel ID or parcel tracking number on the tracking field found on the UPS website or its mobile application, and you will see the package’s latest status and estimated delivery date.  

If you need more advanced UPS tracking tools, you may consider enrolling in UPS My Choice to unlock more powerful tools and features. Members of UPS My Choice can use the live map called “Follow My Delivery” to view the location of selected packages in relation to the delivery address. The package icon updates every 2-3 minutes as the package moves towards its destination.  

Where can I find my UPS tracking number?

Your UPS tracking number can be found in several places. Please check your post office shipping receipt. If you bought insurance at the Post Office, the UPS tracking number is shown on your sales receipt as well. If you create a shipment from, the UPS tracking number will be included in the confirmation email.  
In order to track packages, simply input the number in the search field above and you will be able to track the parcel associated with your order number. Once clicking on “Enter,” the window will show you where your UPS parcel is at the moment, and what time it will be delivered to you.  
If you don’t have a UPS tracking number, you can still go to the UPS track package page and select the “Track by Reference” field. Then, enter your reference number and the date it was shipped. UPS will be able to track your package for you.  

My UPS parcel is missing. What should I do?

In the event that your UPS parcel is lost or damaged, you can start a claim. For lost shipments, the claim process with UPS can be initiated if you cannot find the packages after more than 24 hours of the expected delivery time. Before making a claim, please carefully check all exterior locations of your house and anywhere that the package might be placed. You should also check with anyone who might have retrieved the UPS package.  

To initiate a claim, please follow the 4 key steps below:  

  • Step 1: Provide package details to UPS. The requested information might include:
    • Consignee’s contact details
    • Pickup date
    • Package date
    • Description of the problem
    • The number of lost or damaged items
    • UPS tracking number

  • Step 2: Identify your relationship to the parcel. Please state whether you are a sender or shipper; consignee or receiver; shipper’s appointed representative; or a third party.

  • Step 3: Depending on your relationship to the package and the nature of the problem, you might be asked to provide supporting documents.

  • Step 4: Submit the claim. Your claim status and updates will be shown on your dashboard.

How much does it cost to ship a package with UPS?

The delivery cost for your shipment with UPS depends on different factors: departure point, destination, the shape and size of packages and the shipping service of your choice. UPS provides you with a cost calculation tool where you can immediately check the transportation cost by providing requested information about your shipment.  

The bigger the package, and the faster you want it to be delivered, the higher the cost. If you want to send the package within the U.S, UPS’s 1-day, 2-day or 3-day are preferred options. You not only experience top, express delivery services at a reasonable cost, you can also easily follow up with tracking your UPS parcel. Whatever services you choose, your package will come with a UPS tracking number which will help you to track and trace your parcels at all times.  

Can I track UPS international parcels?

Worldwide tracking is available on UPS. Whether in Europe, Asia or Africa, UPS always makes tracking your parcel easy. In order to track UPS international parcels, you only need a UPS tracking number. When you go to the UPS Tracking portal and type the tracking number in, the system will give you an accurate status update of your packages, combining information from multiple carriers and sources all over the world.  

If you cannot track your UPS package, please contact the local UPS store immediately. UPS stores at different territories are individually operated so the headquarters might not have all your shipment information. If you did not ship from a UPS Store, you can contact your carrier directly for more information.  

Does Parcel Monitor do delivery tracking?

Absolutely. With Parcel Monitor, you are able to track a wide range of parcels and packages. Our universal tracker covers international postage, shipment and delivery tracking. It means that you can track any packages from all over the world, whether you are tracking UPS parcels in the USA, or tracking UPS parcels in Europe.  

To submit a UPS tracking order, you will need to go to Parcel Monitor and input the UPS tracking number into the search field. You also have the option to receive notifications via email. To receive email notifications, use the online UPS tracking feature. When the package is shipped, e-mail notifications will be sent along with a link to the latest package information. International delivery time depends on the service you select.  

When will I receive my UPS package?

We cannot determine the exact time when your packages are delivered. For UPS Ground Packages, it can be shipped anytime from Monday to Friday, between 9am to 9pm to your residential address and within office hours if it is your office address. Weekend delivery is only eligible for selected locations. You cannot decide exactly when the packages will be delivered, please check the status frequently on the UPS tracking packages tools to obtain an estimated delivery time.  

For international shipping, it normally takes 2 to 5 business days for the packages to be transported, depending on the service you choose. To know more about the estimated delivery time of each service, you can consult the time and cost calculator provided on UPS websites. It is another useful tool, besides the UPS parcel tracker.  

What is UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is an economy service for non-urgent, residential shipments of low order value. It is a combined service between the consistent and reliable UPS Ground network and U.S. Postal Service (USPS). UPS makes the shipment pick-up, delivers it to your nearest U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and the USPS makes the final delivery, Monday through Saturday.  

Since UPS SurePost is a contract-only service, you would not be able to track UPS parcels once it is handed to USPS. If you subscribe to UPS MyChoice, you have the option to upgrade the UPS SurePost package to UPS Ground with an additional fee. Once upgraded, MyChoice members regain all access to the Membership features which include UPS tracking order, rescheduling, or redirecting delivery. Upgraded packages are usually delivered 1 to 2 days faster as well.  

How do I track UPS SurePost?

As UPS SurePost is a contract-only service with final delivery typically provided by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), you would no longer be able to track the delivery once we hand off the shipment. To perform a USPS tracking order, you can visit Parcel Monitor USPS Tracking page, provide the USPS tracking number or other reference numbers to locate the package. With Parcel Monitor, you can track all your USPS packages with real-time updates. All you need is your tracking number! USPS provides local and international courier services at affordable rates.  

With an additional fee, My Choice members are able to upgrade UPS SurePost packages to UPS Ground. The upgraded service will allow you to track UPS packages as usual. Packages upgraded to UPS Ground service may also arrive a day or two earlier.  

What is a UPS Access Point?

A UPS Access Point is a selected location where it is convenient for the customers to pick up their parcels. UPS Access Points are usually located at grocery stores or petrol stations. With this delivery option, you will not get your UPS packages right at your front door. However, it will be more efficient if you wish to receive your package at a specific time that suits you. If you frequent the UPS Access Point for shopping or other purposes, it will not take additional time for you to receive your UPS packages.  

Once your package arrives at UPS Access Point, you will get a notification via email or SMS. An identification document with a photo will be required to collect the goods. You can also drop off labeled and prepaid UPS Returns parcels at any UPS Access Point location. Any package dropped off at a UPS Access Point location must not exceed 20 kg in weight or 80 cm in length and must already include a UPS prepaid shipping label.  

Do you cover UPS freight tracking?

Yes, the customer is able to track UPS freight packages just as they can with the UPS Ground service. A PRO or BOL number will be needed for freight tracking. Same as ground packages, type your tracking ID in the tracking field at or its mobile application, you will see the package’s latest status and estimated delivery date.  

Using UPS freight services, you will get your shipment within 2-5 days. You can easily and efficiently track UPS parcels with our tools no matter which UPS services you use. We provide global package tracking as well as UPS tracking within the USA with real-time notification updates. Your packages status and updates are just one click or touch away from you.  

What is UPS Shipment Reference Tracking?

A UPS shipment reference is an identification number that you get by completing the “reference” fields during the shipping process. This could vary, it might be a purchase order (PO) number, a customer number, a company name, a Bill of Lading number, or a phrase that identifies that shipment. The shipment reference can be numbers or letters but can not exceed 35 characters.  

For UPS Mail Innovations specifically, a shipment reference is a unique package ID that you assign through barcoded information for each of your mail pieces. The character limit is 30 characters. It could be alpha or numeric with no spaces or symbols in between. Package IDs within 6 months could not be repeated. Apart from UPS tracking numbers, the reference numbers can be used to identify and track UPS packages as well.  

I still haven’t received my UPS package. Where is my order?

If you haven’t received your UPS package and you do not know where it is now, please go to the tracking UPS package page and check its status and expected delivery day by typing in the UPS tracking number. On the page, you will find the current location of the package.  

In case your UPS package’s status is shown as delivered but you have not found your package, you can start a claim. Either the sender or receiver can initiate a claim. However, as the sender keeps most of the supporting documents such as receipts, invoices, and tracking numbers, we advise the sender to be the one handling the claims process.  

Another status might include, "Shipment Ready for UPS Pickup,” meaning that the sender just created a shipping order, "Origin Scan" or "Pickup Scan,” meaning that UPS is delivering your packages. If the system shows invalid or no information found, you should ask the sender to investigate or re-deliver the item to you.  

What should I do if I want to change my UPS delivery address?

If you are not a MyChoice member, please ensure you contact your sender in order to change the delivery address before the first delivery attempt. If UPS suspects that the address is incorrect and not deliverable, you might be able to change the address right on the tracking page.  

If you subscribe to MyChoice, you are allowed to change a number of shipment details before the first delivery attempt including the delivery address, delivery date, and delivery method. To do so, enter your UPS tracking number, then select Delivery Options in the Tracking Details section and then proceed to change the information as you would like.  

Please note that not every shipment is eligible for delivery changes. A change in address might cause an extra fee and delay your delivery date. However, MyChoice Premium members are entitled to changing delivery information free of charge.  

How do I contact UPS?

There are several ways to keep in touch with UPS: phone number, virtual assistant, or email. For general and frequently asked questions, please consult the UPS virtual assistant. There is a collection of questions and answers that can immediately resolve your problems.  

If you are unable to resolve your problems, you can send an email to UPS or call its hotline. Depending on the location and issue, UPS has different lines for customers. Please choose the correct line to save your time.  

  • For international shipping, call 1-800-782-7892
  • For technical support, call 1-877-289-6418
  • For domestic billing support, please call 1-800-811-1648
  • Less than truckload (more than 150 lbs): 800-333-7400
  • Truckload (more than 12,000 lbs): 888-682-4652
  • Air Freight (more than 150 lbs): 800-443-6379
  • Ocean Freight: 800-350-8440
  • For import billing support, please call 1-866-493-7140

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