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Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom10 months ago
Its the slowest postal service in the world
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Parcel left on doorstep along with very important letter.I'll be having a serious word with your employee,extremely poor service
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Awful tracking as it doesn't move in a whole month
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Rubbish service CTT
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
My parcel was not delivered to me, how will I retrieve my parcel
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
The package was sent from the UK to Colombia in JANUARY and the tracking hasn't been updated in two and a half months. Is the mailman swimming over across the Atlantic Ocean?
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Please information my parsal
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
I hope I never have to deal with parcel force again. The worst possible service
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Delay delivery. Lost delivery.
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Can you give me the full history shipment as this would be more helpful?
Your easy-to-use tracking solution for parcels worldwide

Parcel tracking for all carriers in the UK

Parcel tracking UK is now one click away with Parcel Monitor! We track and trace all UK parcels through your UK parcel tracking number. Enter your UK tracking number and receive live updates for your UK parcels across different carriers. We track all carriers in the UK - Hermes, Royal Mail, Parcel Force, Yodel, and more. Parcel Monitor will rapidly become your favorite parcel tracking site to track parcels in the UK.

Parcel tracking the UK both domestically and internationally

Tired of surfing various sites for tracking your couriers? Visit Parcel Monitor now! It is a dispatch tracking service for all UK's domestic and international carriers including Royal Mail, Parcel Force, TNT UK, Yodel Domestic, DPD UK, FedEx UK, APC Overnight, Arrow XL, Asendia UK, Collect+, Deltec Courier, Hermes World, HomeDirect Logistics and so forth. Parcel Monitor keeps you updated about the present status of your shipments straight to your mailbox. Attempt it now!

Track & trace your parcels any time & get regular updates

Need to track your UK parcels instantly? We can track every one of your couriers of any carrier in the UK and will keep you updated about the UK parcel tracking status through emails. Parcel Monitor will track your package in any language or for any carrier. Receive live updates regarding your parcels in the UK. Stay updated with email notifications on where your UK package is. Parcel tracking UK is convenient and you will be able to follow the delivery journey. Bookmark it now!

Enhance your UK online shopping experience

Do you have different carriers to track? Relax and let Parcel Monitor handle the complexity of tracking every one of your parcels from various carriers in the UK. It does not matter which webshop you use or what you buy, Parcel Monitor can track it all in a matter of of seconds. Visit now!

Parcel tracking UK - which carriers can I track my parcels in the UK with?

To track your packages in the UK, Parcel Monitor provides parcel tracking across multiple carriers in the UK - Royal Mail, Parcel Force, TNT UK, and Yodel. Here’s how you can track your UK parcels:

  • To track your Royal Mail packages, you can track parcels via Parcel Monitor’s unique integrated parcel tracking service. You track both domestic and international packages.
  • When it comes to Parcel Force, one of the leading and trusted UK courier companies, it offers senders and recipients tracking worldwide. With Parcel Monitor’s package tracking tool, you can track from the moment your parcel is collected by Parcel Force. To know more about when it has started delivery, your retailer will send you an email update along with a Parcel Force parcel tracking number.
  • Another UK carrier that you can track all your UK packages with is TNT UK. Parcel Force is one of the UK’s leading courier services. They offer a wide range of delivery services within the UK and globally.
  • Yodel provides UK parcel tracking services across the country. The parcel tracking company also delivers millions of parcels every week to every postcode across the UK. Yodel tracking also allows its customers to track UK packages internationally. This carrier applied the smart bar code system, helping anyone track their items at any time and anywhere. Simply put the UK parcel tracking number into the search box to find out where your package is. Both senders and recipients can utilize this search engine to learn more.

Tracking parcels in the UK

Parcel tracking in the UK can be done through multiple different carriers depending on the services used: domestic shipment, international tracking, express shipping, air mail and many more.

There are many couriers in the UK that are responsible for delivering all packages across the country and internationally - Evri (formerly known as Hermes), Royal Mail UK, FedEx, DHL, Yodel, TNT International and many more.

After you've purchased your item from an online store, the retailer will send you an email notification notifying you that your package has been dispatched. In the email, a UK parcel tracking number will be attached to it so that you can track your shipment and monitor its delivery journey.

If you are the sender, the post office will issue you a receipt with a UK tracking number attached to it. Simply use that tracking number to track and trace your UK shipments.

Your UK tracking number is a unique set of numbers and characters combined. It is unique to your shipment only. Copy and paste your tracking number to Parcel Monitor's UK live parcel tracking tool and receive real-time updates on your orders.

Parcel tracking in the UK (United Kingdom)

Royal Mail Tracking

To find out the location of your UK parcels with Royal Mail tracking, you can search up your package with Parcel Monitor’s Royal Mail Tracking Page. Simply enter your UK parcel tracking number in the search field, and you will receive instant updates on your UK packages. No matter whether you are shipping domestically or using worldwide delivery services, you can use that UK parcel tracking tool.

Parcel Force Tracking

Parcel Force offers package tracking services for all packages globally - not limited to the UK packages. Alternatively, you can track all your Parcel Force parcels with Parcel Monitor’s Parcel Force tracking tool to get real-time updates on your packages. All you need is a Parcel Force package tracking number. If you do not know what your UK parcel tracking looks like, you can reach out to the e-commerce store you shopped from and ask for it.

TNT UK Tracking

Track your UK packages with Parcel Monitor’s TNT UK parcel tracking service if your assigned carrier is TNT UK. You will receive information on the carrier responsible for delivering your packages in the UK. If you have received an email notification along with a UK parcel tracking number, you will be able to see which carrier is chosen. If your parcels are with TNT UK, simply copy and paste the assigned TNT UK package tracking number.

There are 2 types of numbers to track your parcel, be it shipment number or customer reference. Both numbers can be found in the confirmation email, the information senders or TNT UK staff giving to you. Then, simply put this number in the search box and you will be offered full tracking status.

Yodel Tracking

Another common carrier used in the UK is Yodel. If the carrier responsible for delivering your packages is Yodel, you can track your UK parcels with Parcel Monitor’s Yodel package tracking service. Whether you are a sender or a recipient, you can utilize this tool to monitor deliveries. Use your UK parcel tracking number and track it with the UK parcel tracking service available on Parcel Monitor’s UK Package tracking tool. Simply copy and paste your UK package tracking number above and find out where your packages are in the UK.

What is my United Kingdom (UK) tracking number?

Depending on the UK parcel delivery carrier that is assigned to your packages or the carriers the e-commerce store works with, the UK package tracking number differs. Here are a few common UK parcel tracking service providers: Royal Mail, Parcel Force, TNT UK, and Yodel.

Royal Mail tracking number

The Royal Mail UK tracking number is a random set of numbers and letters. If you are the sender, you can easily access the Royal Mail parcel tracking number on the postage receipt. If you are waiting for a delivery, you can find your UK tracking number from the sender. The UK parcel tracking number is often found in your order confirmation or dispatch email.

Here are some of the UK package tracking numbers for Royal Mail JV620543954GB, 050121C31F4, 2048619500001B2A6F40, etc.

Parcel Force tracking number

Parcel Force tracking offers 2 types of UK parcel tracking numbers. If your parcel is shipped domestically, you can use UK tracking to stay updated with your package within the UK.

The UK package tracking number for delivery in the UK contains 2 letters and 7 numbers generated randomly (e.g. AA1234567) or 4 letters and 10 numbers (e.g. BBBB1234567890).

TNT UK tracking number

For UK package tracking, you can use the parcel tracking number in the confirmation email or on the pickup list. Such numbers are unique and attached to each parcel in order for the senders and receivers to keep track of shipments delivered by TNT UK, helping you know where your parcel is, the estimated delivery time, the package status, etc.

In case you are wondering “What is the format of TNT UK’s package tracking number?” – it is a combination of random characters and numbers.

Yodel tracking number

The package tracking number is a unique code of 8 to 20 digits long. To know your UK parcel status, you can ask for the UK tracking number from the sender upon completing the order. Alternatively, the UK package tracking number can also be found once your order has been shipped out - you will receive an email notification.

The UK tracking number follows this format: JD0002210160205973 and Yodel Direct tracking numbers look like YOL1522937.

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