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Parcel Monitor usera year ago
You got a verry verry poor performance. I'm regreating that i trust you to deliver my parcel. You waste so much time, and dedin't even reach the true destanation of my parcel...thank you for "LBC" for wasting my money and time because even it dedint reach the destanation you cant get refund for the money you used.....
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Thank you lbc
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
It took 10 days.the app says out for delivery but the recipient already received the package
Parcel Monitor user2 years ago
Your update is meaningless
Parcel Monitor user2 years ago
Thanks for an excellent service. Right on time 11 days. More power and Merry Christmas 🧑‍🎄
Parcel Monitor user2 years ago
until now my box its not here yet
Parcel Monitor user2 years ago
Hi, All these updates are meaningless and mean nothing to a customer. I'm waiting for a really urgent package from the Philippines and the updates don't even tell me if it has reached the US yet or not. Please change your updates to something that really makes any sense to the customers. Thank you
Parcel Monitor user2 years ago
Dpo on time s deliver
Parcel Monitor user2 years ago
My parcel took so long to be delivered. The tracking services is not updated. So poor.
Parcel Monitor user2 years ago
I'm very happy for the LBC because they're on time deliver my box. I love LBC
Your easy-to-use tracking solution for parcels worldwide

Integrated with 1000+ Carriers

Parcel Monitor boasts a vast network of over 1000 carriers, making it the ultimate solution for global package tracking. Whether you're shipping domestically or internationally, Parcel Monitor provides comprehensive coverage across a wide range of couriers and retailers. From major logistics companies to local postal services, Parcel Monitor seamlessly integrates with various carriers to offer you unparalleled tracking capabilities. Parcel Monitor's extensive carrier network ensures that your parcels are always accounted for.

Automatically Find Your Package and Carrier Using Only Your Tracking Number

One of the standout features of Parcel Monitor is its reliability. No more guesswork or uncertainty about which carrier is handling your package. Simply enter the tracking number provided by the sender, and Parcel Monitor will automatically detect the carrier associated with your package. This eliminates the need for manual input and ensures accurate tracking information every time. Whether your package is being shipped via FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any other carrier, Parcel Monitor's robust tracking system will provide you with real-time updates, giving you peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Track Multiple Packages and Retailers with Ease

Parcel Monitor simplifies parcel tracking by allowing you to monitor multiple packages and retailers effortlessly. Gone are the days of juggling between different tracking systems or websites. With Parcel Monitor, you can consolidate all your tracking needs into one convenient platform. Whether you're expecting a delivery from a local courier or an international carrier, Parcel Monitor has you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating multiple tracking interfaces and hello to streamlined parcel tracking at your fingertips.

Sign Up for Notifications and Stay Informed

With Parcel Monitor, you'll never have to wonder about the status of your parcels again. Take control of your shipments by signing up for notifications and receive instant updates straight to your email. Stay updated on important milestones such as package pickup, transit, customs clearance, and delivery attempts. With Parcel Monitor's proactive approach to tracking, you can anticipate any potential delays or issues and take appropriate action.

What is LBC Express?

LBC Express is a leading courier and cargo service company in the Philippines, known for its extensive network and reliable delivery services. Established in 1945, it has grown to become a trusted name in logistics, offering a wide range of services both domestically and internationally.

LBC Express is best known for its courier services, providing fast and reliable parcel delivery across the Philippines and to international destinations. This includes door-to-door delivery of documents, packages, and even bulky items, ensuring timely and secure shipments. For larger shipping needs, LBC Express offers cargo and freight services, catering to businesses and individuals looking to move bulk items or large quantities of goods. This service is designed to handle heavy or oversized shipments, offering both sea and air cargo options to meet various timelines and budget requirements.

Beyond logistics, LBC Express also facilitates money remittance services, enabling customers to send and receive money quickly and safely, both domestically and internationally. This service is particularly beneficial for families supporting each other from different locations.

One of the other key features that set LBC Express apart is its sophisticated tracking system. Customers can easily use LBC Express tracking to monitor their parcels in real-time, providing a seamless and transparent shipping experience. The LBC Express track & trace functionality allows for detailed tracking of shipments, ensuring that customers are informed about the status of their deliveries at every step of the journey.

What is a LBC Express Tracking Number?

An LBC Express tracking number is a unique identifier assigned to each shipment, enabling customers to follow their parcel's journey from dispatch to delivery. This alphanumeric code is pivotal for utilizing the LBC Express tracking system, which offers transparency and peace of mind to senders and recipients alike.

A typical LBC tracking number sample might look like a combination of letters and numbers, for example, "123456789012". This format can vary depending on the type of service used (domestic or international) and the specific parcel's journey. Customers receive their LBC tracking number at the time of shipment; it can be found on the receipt or shipment confirmation email for those who transact online.

To use this number for tracking, customers can visit the LBC Express website or use the mobile app, entering the tracking number into the tracking section to receive real-time updates on their shipment's status. This includes detailed information on the parcel's current location, its journey through various LBC facilities, and estimated delivery time.

LBC Express tracking extends beyond domestic services to include LBC international tracking, ensuring that customers sending parcels abroad can also monitor their shipments with ease. Regardless of the parcel's destination, the tracking process remains straightforward, offering users a hassle-free way to stay informed about their shipments.

In summary, the LBC tracking number is a crucial tool for managing shipments, offering visibility and control over the delivery process. Whether for domestic or international parcels, LBC Express provides a reliable and easy-to-use tracking system, reinforcing its commitment to customer satisfaction and shipment security.

How to Track a Package from LBC Express using Parcel Monitor?

Tracking parcels from LBC Express through Parcel Monitor is a straightforward process that offers a seamless way to keep tabs on your shipments, whether they're local or international. Parcel Monitor is a global tracking platform that supports tracking for numerous logistics companies for free, including LBC Express.

To start tracking your LBC Express shipment with Parcel Monitor, you'll need your LBC tracking number. This is a unique identifier for your shipment, often provided at the time of dispatch. For shipments within the Philippines, this might be referred to as your "LBC tracking number PH."

Once you have your tracking number, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Parcel Monitor website.
  • Locate the tracking input field on the homepage. It's prominently displayed for easy access.
  • Enter your LBC Express tracking number into this field. Ensure accuracy to avoid errors in tracking.
  • Submit the tracking number by clicking on the “Track Parcel” button or hitting the Enter key.
  • Parcel Monitor will then retrieve and display the latest updates on your shipment's status, including its current location.
  • Using Parcel Monitor for LBC Express tracking ensures you stay informed about your shipment's progress with minimal effort. It's an efficient, user-friendly alternative that aggregates tracking information, making it easier to monitor multiple parcels simultaneously, regardless of their destination.

How Long Does it Take for a LBC Express Package to Arrive?

The delivery times for parcels shipped via LBC Express vary depending on several key factors, including the service type, the destination of the parcel, and the specific shipping route.

For domestic shipments within the Philippines, LBC Express typically delivers parcels within 1-2 business days for major cities and 2-3 business days for more remote areas. This efficiency is supported by the robust LBC Express tracking system, which allows senders and recipients to monitor the progress of their shipments in real-time through LBC Express parcel tracking.

For international shipments, LBC Express offers a range of shipping options, including LBC Express international shipping, which can cater to various delivery timeframes and budget requirements. Delivery times for international parcels can range from 3 to 10 business days, influenced by factors such as the destination country, customs clearance processes, and the chosen shipping service. LBC international tracking ensures that customers can stay informed about their parcel's journey across borders, providing updates and estimated delivery dates.

What Are LBC Express’ Tracking Statuses?

LBC Express tracking statuses provide detailed insights into the journey of a parcel, from drop-off to delivery. These statuses are crucial for both domestic and international shipments, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for customers using LBC Express parcel tracking and LBC international tracking. Here's a simplified overview of common tracking statuses you might encounter:

  1. Received at LBC Facility: Your parcel has been received at an LBC sorting facility or branch and is being prepared for shipment.
  2. In Transit: The parcel is on its way to the destination. This status covers the majority of the shipping process, from initial dispatch through various transit points until it reaches the final delivery area.
  3. Out for Delivery: The parcel has arrived at the local delivery facility and is on the delivery vehicle, headed to the recipient's address. This status indicates that delivery will likely occur on the same day.
  4. Ready for Pick-up: For parcels designated for pick-up, this status means the item has arrived at the chosen LBC branch and is ready for the recipient to claim.
  5. Delivered: The parcel has been successfully delivered to the recipient or picked up by the recipient at the branch.

LBC Express international shipping also includes statuses specific to cross-border movements, such as Customs Clearance, indicating the parcel is being processed through customs in the destination country.

By leveraging Parcel Monitor tracking, customers can stay updated with real-time progress of their shipments, making the shipping experience smooth and predictable. Each status is a checkpoint in the parcel's journey, ensuring customers and recipients are well-informed from dispatch to delivery.

Tracking LBC Express in the Philippines

To track LBC Express packages within the Philippines using Parcel Monitor, you'll first need to obtain your LBC Express tracking number, a unique identifier assigned to your package. This number is usually provided by the sender or found on the receipt of your shipment.

Once you have your tracking number, visit the Parcel Monitor website. Parcel Monitor is a global package tracking platform that supports various couriers, including LBC Express, making it easy to track both domestic and international shipments.

On the Parcel Monitor homepage, you will find a search bar prominently displayed. Enter your LBC Express tracking number in this search bar. Ensure you input the number correctly to avoid errors in the tracking process. After entering the tracking number, click on the "Track Parcel" button or press enter.

Parcel Monitor's user-friendly interface makes LBC Express track & trace a straightforward process. It allows you to monitor the progress of your shipment in real-time, providing transparency and reassurance until delivery. Whether you're tracking a single package or multiple shipments, Parcel Monitor accommodates all your tracking needs efficiently.

Alternatives to LBC Express in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a vibrant logistics landscape supports the bustling e-commerce and parcel delivery needs of its islands. Besides the widely recognized LBC Express, several other carriers offer a range of logistics solutions, including JRS Express, J&T Express, Ninja Van, and 2GO Express.

  • JRS Express is a staple in the Filipino courier industry, known for its extensive network across the country, catering to both document and parcel delivery services. With decades of experience, JRS has built a reputation for reliability, especially in remote areas.
  • J&T Express, a newcomer relative to others, has rapidly expanded its footprint in the Philippines with its promise of efficient and reliable service. Leveraging technology, J&T offers real-time tracking and scheduling, appealing to the tech-savvy consumer.
  • Ninja Van, another fast-growing logistics provider, brings a tech-driven approach to parcel delivery. Known for their flexible pick-up and drop-off options, they cater to the e-commerce market with precision and ease, ensuring a seamless delivery experience for both merchants and customers.
  • 2GO Express, part of the 2GO Group, is one of the most versatile logistics providers, offering a wide range of services including courier, freight, and cargo shipping. With its roots in marine and inter-island transport, 2GO Express has a unique advantage in reaching the farthest corners of the archipelago.

These carriers, each with their own strengths and specializations, contribute to a dynamic and competitive logistics sector in the Philippines, ensuring businesses and individuals have access to efficient, reliable, and convenient shipping options across the country and beyond.

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