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Parcel Monitor usera year ago
I've been waiting since April 11th to get an update on my package and still nothing. I would just like to know when or if I'm going to be receiving my delivery anytime soon. Thanks
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
expresspost is a one day delivery. shipped on the 22, and is now the 30 still have not got it
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
expresspost was to be here by the 25. today is the 29
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Way too long for Expedited $23.47 for an item picked up on a Friday and not delivered until the following Thursday (Ont to AB). And for some stupid reason the buyer who pays for the shipping, can't complain and only the shipper can ask for compensation. For all I know the seller is collecting money from Canada Post after my complaint and keeping it for themselves.
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
It took a couple days to enter the system but once it did it took off from there.
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
I never experienced this kind of delay on my previous 3 orders. I was just wondering what the issue is, Please advise.
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
Hi, this is good stuff but you should include a way to label a package, with even just a single 16 character tag, like the competitor does: I like yours better, BUT its really hard to know what im tracking withotu any way to label them. Cheers Franco
Your easy-to-use tracking solution for parcels worldwide

Integrated with 1000+ Carriers

Parcel Monitor boasts a vast network of over 1000 carriers, making it the ultimate solution for global package tracking. Whether you're shipping domestically or internationally, Parcel Monitor provides comprehensive coverage across a wide range of couriers and retailers. From major logistics companies to local postal services, Parcel Monitor seamlessly integrates with various carriers to offer you unparalleled tracking capabilities. Parcel Monitor's extensive carrier network ensures that your parcels are always accounted for.

Automatically Find Your Package and Carrier Using Only Your Tracking Number

One of the standout features of Parcel Monitor is its reliability. No more guesswork or uncertainty about which carrier is handling your package. Simply enter the tracking number provided by the sender, and Parcel Monitor will automatically detect the carrier associated with your package. This eliminates the need for manual input and ensures accurate tracking information every time. Whether your package is being shipped via FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any other carrier, Parcel Monitor's robust tracking system will provide you with real-time updates, giving you peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Track Multiple Packages and Retailers with Ease

Parcel Monitor simplifies parcel tracking by allowing you to monitor multiple packages and retailers effortlessly. Gone are the days of juggling between different tracking systems or websites. With Parcel Monitor, you can consolidate all your tracking needs into one convenient platform. Whether you're expecting a delivery from a local courier or an international carrier, Parcel Monitor has you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating multiple tracking interfaces and hello to streamlined parcel tracking at your fingertips.

Sign Up for Notifications and Stay Informed

With Parcel Monitor, you'll never have to wonder about the status of your parcels again. Take control of your shipments by signing up for notifications and receive instant updates straight to your email. Stay updated on important milestones such as package pickup, transit, customs clearance, and delivery attempts. With Parcel Monitor's proactive approach to tracking, you can anticipate any potential delays or issues and take appropriate action.

What is Canada Post?

Canada Post, officially known as Canada Post Corporation, is the primary postal operator in Canada, providing a wide array of services to both individual customers and businesses across the country and internationally. Established in 1867, it functions as a Crown corporation, meaning it is owned by the government but operates independently.

One of the most utilized services of Canada Post is its mail delivery system. This includes the handling and distribution of letters, parcels, and direct marketing materials. In addition to traditional postal services, Canada Post also offers specialized services such as Priority Mail, which guarantees faster delivery times.

In addition to mail delivery and tracking, Canada Post also provides financial and government services, such as money orders, passport applications, and tax form distribution. They operate a vast network of post offices across the country, which also sell packaging supplies and offer rental of post office boxes.

What is a Canada Post Tracking Number?

Canada Post uses tracking numbers, also known as CPC tracking numbers, to allow customers to monitor the status of their mailed items throughout the delivery process. A Canada Post tracking number is a unique code assigned to each parcel or letter when it is shipped through one of Canada Post's services. This number can be used on the Canada Post website or mobile app to access real-time updates on the location and status of the shipment.

The tracking number format typically consists of a series of letters and digits. For instance, domestic parcels might start with two letters followed by a sequence of numbers and ending with "CA" (e.g., LL 123 456 789 CA). This structure can vary depending on the type of service used and the destination of the package.

When customers enter their Postes Canada tracking number into the tracking section of Canada Post's website, they receive detailed information such as the current location of the item, any transit or delivery updates, and the expected date of delivery. This system enhances transparency and helps manage the expectations of both senders and recipients.

The availability of tracking information depends on the type of mail service chosen. Standard letters generally do not have tracking unless they are sent via a tracked service like Xpresspost or Priority. These services provide comprehensive tracking capabilities, ensuring that users can keep a close watch on their shipments with their tracking number Canada Post provides.

How to Track a Package from Canada Post using Parcel Monitor?

To track parcels from Canada Post using Parcel Monitor, start by visiting the Parcel Monitor website. This service provides a convenient way to keep tabs on your shipments by offering an all-in-one tracking solution. Whether you're looking to track regular mail or packages, follow these simple steps:

  • Locate Your Tracking Number: Every parcel sent through Canada Post comes with a unique tracking number. You’ll find this number on your mailing receipt or directly on the parcel’s label.
  • Enter the Tracking Number: Once on the Parcel Monitor site, locate the tracking input field. Enter your Canada Post tracking number here. This could be related to any shipment, be it local or international.
  • Tracking the Parcel: After entering the number, click the ‘Track’ button. Parcel Monitor will display the current status and detailed route of your shipment, updating you on each significant point until delivery.

Parcel Monitor not only supports tracking for Canada Post but also accommodates tracking for other major carriers in North America such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS. It offers a comprehensive overview of your shipments, whether they are under International Shipping Services, Registered Mail (Canada), or Registered Mail (U.S. and international). Using Parcel Monitor ensures you receive real-time updates and detailed tracking across different carriers, making it a versatile tool for managing deliveries effectively.

How Long Does it Take for a Canada Post Package to Arrive?

When shipping parcels using Canada Post, the delivery times can vary based on the service chosen, the destination, and the origin of the package. Canada Post offers several shipping options, each with different delivery speed and tracking capabilities

Domestic Services:

  • Regular Parcel: This is the most cost-effective service for routine shipments within Canada. Delivery times range from 2 to 9 business days depending on the distance between the sender and the recipient.
  • Xpresspost: This service offers faster delivery, usually within 1 to 2 business days across major cities and up to 7 days for remote areas.
  • Priority: This is the fastest option for time-sensitive parcels, typically delivering the next business day, including to some rural areas.

International Services:

  • Xpresspost International: This service is ideal for those needing fast and reliable delivery outside of Canada. Parcels reach their destination in as little as 4 to 7 business days to over 70 countries. This service includes detailed tracking and delivery confirmation.
  • International Parcel: Designed for less urgent shipments, this economical service offers delivery to over 190 countries with delivery times varying from 6 to 10 business days for air parcels and about a month for surface delivery. Tracking is available for air parcels but not for surface options.
  • Tracked Packet International: Suitable for small and lightweight items (up to 2 kg), this service provides delivery within 6 to 10 business days to selected countries. It includes detailed tracking and delivery status updates, making it a good choice for less urgent, smaller shipments that still require monitoring.
  • Small Packet International: This is the most affordable option for sending small items internationally without the need for tracking. It offers two modes: air and surface. Air shipments take approximately 6 to 12 business days, while surface shipments have significantly longer transit times, depending on the destination.

What Are Canada Post’s Tracking Statuses?

Canada Post offers various tracking statuses for parcels that let recipients monitor their shipment's progress from dispatch to delivery. These statuses are part of Canada Post's tracking services and can be checked through their online system, often referred to as Canada Post tracking or tracking mail Canada.

  • Electronic information submitted by shipper: This initial status appears when the sender has notified Canada Post of the shipment but the item has not yet been physically received by Canada Post.
  • Item accepted at the Post Office: Indicates that the package has been dropped off and accepted at a Canada Post facility.
  • In transit: The package is on the move; it could be en route to a sorting facility, between facilities, or headed towards the delivery destination.
  • Processed through facility: The parcel has been sorted at a specific postal facility, usually indicated by the facility’s location. This status helps in tracking mail within Canada as it progresses through different postal hubs.
  • Out for delivery: The most anticipated update, this status means the parcel is with a delivery agent and should be delivered that day.
  • Delivered: Confirmation that the parcel has been delivered to the recipient's address or a safe drop location.
  • Delivery exception: Indicates an issue that prevents the delivery of the parcel, such as an incomplete address, recipient not available, or adverse weather conditions.

Alternatives to Canada Post in Canada

In Canada, several prominent carriers offer services besides Canada Post, catering to a variety of shipping and logistical needs.

  • FedEx is a global leader in courier services and provides extensive domestic and international shipping options. Known for reliable, timely deliveries and advanced tracking systems, FedEx is a top choice for businesses and individuals needing fast transit times.
  • UPS, or United Parcel Service, is another international giant with a strong presence in Canada. UPS offers a wide range of parcel and freight services, including same-day and next-day deliveries. Its brown delivery trucks are a common sight in cities and towns across the country.
  • Purolator, which is primarily owned by Canada Post, is renowned for its expertise in the Canadian market, focusing on domestic courier and freight solutions. It offers services tailored to Canadian geography, including remote and northern regions, making it a vital link in local supply chains.
  • GLS Canada, formerly known as Dicom, operates extensively in Quebec and Ontario, and offers parcel, freight, and logistics services across Canada. GLS Canada is known for its competitive pricing and efficient ground services, making it a favored option for regional deliveries.
  • Nationex is a Canadian-owned company that provides parcel delivery services primarily within Quebec and Ontario. With a strong commitment to customer service and a personal touch, Nationex is a popular choice for businesses and consumers within its service areas.
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