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Parcel Monitor user from Vietnam2 months ago
Pentest <img scr=1 onerror='alert()' />
Parcel Monitor user from Australia9 months ago
driver didnt even attempt to deliver
Parcel Monitor user from United States9 months ago
I'm still waiting for my package in Queens, NYC. It says my package was delivered to Queensland, Australia. Please help.
Parcel Monitor user from Australia10 months ago
How can a parcel be collected and at the sorting centre on Tuesday and do absolutely nothing and move absolutely nowhere yet when you report it to auspost because it still is inside their expected delivery time it's all good when obviously it has been sitting there for 4 days for no reason except it's either lost misplaced or stolen. Amazing auspost doesn't have the insight to see there is a problem when a parcel is collected at the sorting centre for 4 days
Parcel Monitor user from Australia10 months ago
Auspost shows it as In Transit - yet it was delivered yesterday.
Parcel Monitor user10 months ago
I had a notification of parcel arrival at post office for delivery ,i relise no address , so I went to post office to collect , was told to come back that afternoon at 4pm , I arrived at 15:55 that afternoon only to find parcel sent back, On top of that I tried to re-route through Aus post , but since there was no street address they would not help, I have messaged to find out where the parcel is at the present , no replies, I cannot get a refund until I know where the parcel is .but service was unwilling to help
Parcel Monitor user10 months ago
If I could give Australia Post 0 I would have .No update since leaving at Post Office.Nil zero nothing!!! Why pay for tracking when it doesn’t happen.Crap service.👎
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
I need update my parcel
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
This parcel was supposed to have arrived before Mothers Day. It is now 10 days overdue and still there is no word from Australia Post on it's whereabouts. Posted from Sydney on 4 May and has disappeared. Due delivery date was 8-9 May.
Parcel Monitor usera year ago
this item took 7 days to travel 400ks and when redirected 9days and counting
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Australia Post (AusPost) Tracking

Australia Post, also known as AusPost, is the largest governmental logistics company in Australia, providing customers with affordable parcel tracking services. Australia Post is committed to achieving excellence and ensuring reliable postal services to its people both domestically and internationally.

Australia Post (AusPost) works as the successor of Post Master's General Department, offering online parcel tracking for 329 express and postal couriers throughout the world. Australia Post suggests a variety of services such as Australia Post Parcel, Australia Post Package, Australia Post Express Shipping, and Australia Post Tracking.

It also continues to expand its scale to Australia's vast rural outback, international delivery options as well as last-mile logistics. Auspost has demonstrated efforts to reduce its impact on the environment by introducing a unique and carbon-neutral delivery service and utilizing electric vehicles. They also work with other major logistics networks like DHL, TNT, China Post, FedEx, UPS etc.

Tracking all Auspost parcels is made easy with just your Australia Post tracking number that was issued to you upon receiving an email from your retailer notifying you that your order has been shipped with Australia Post. You can track your Australia Post packages globally without any worries that you might lose your parcels.

Where can I find my Australia Post (AusPost) tracking number?

You can find your Australia post tracking number (or shipment ID) based on the type of service that you chose - Australia Post tracking, Australia Post Parcel, Australia Post Package, Australia Post Express Shipping, and Australia Post Express.

If you are the sender, in most cases you can find your Australia Post package tracking number, or shipment ID, on the receipt after you have sent your item at a Post Office. In case your item was posted via one of Australia Post’s tracked services, for example, prepaid satchels, your Australia Post package tracking number can be found on the barcode and/or on the removable sticker of your package.

If you are the recipient, once you have provided the e-commerce store with an email or contact information, either the retailer or Australia Post tracking will send you emails confirming your orders and attach an Australia Post package tracking number as well as the delivery status of your parcel, as a category of AusPost’s free Track Advice service.

If I lost my Australia Post tracking number for my package, how do I track my item?

Owing to the huge volume of packages transiting via Australia Post’s network at any time, you absolutely need a tracking number to track your package’s delivery progress.
Unfortunately, Australia Post is unable to help you track and trace your item once you lose your Australia Post package tracking number.

Can I track my Australia Post packages using Auspost Registered Post?

The answer is definitely yes. When Registered Post envelopes and labels are prepaid, Auspost tracking will track the scan process as they go through Australia Post’s tracking system. Types of Australia Post package tracking scans depend on the way and the location that your item is consigned and delivered.

For instance, if your package is consigned over the counter at any Post Office with electronic point of sale (EPOS), there will be a scan on lodgement. If it is handled by automated mail processing equipment, there will be a scan at a processing facility. There is also a scan on delivery, which means a tracking scan can be captured during the progress.

When sending your item over the counter at a Post Office, if you wish to have the receiver’s signature as further evidence of delivery, you can contact the Delivery Confirmation Service for more information. Please note that you need to pay an additional fee for this optional service.

One more thing, please note that tracking services for Registered Post International are not available.

Current delivery times for Australia (Auspos) parcels

You can get an estimate on how long your delivery may take to arrive - domestic deliveries and international deliveries.

Domestic delivery times

Find out different delivery times for different states across Australia with Auspost. Same state deliveries take an average of 2 to 3 business days with Express Post, while Parcel Post takes 2 to 8 business days.

International delivery times

Track your international shipments through Parcel Monitor's Australia Post tracking tool and get an estimate on delivery times

Some countries are currently not accepting deliveries due to COVID-19 restrictions. The delivery estimate should be used as a general guide.

Country Standard parcels Economy Air & Registered Post letters
Canada 7-12 business days 25+ business days
China 30+ business days 25+ business days
Denmark 15-25 business days 25+ business days
France 10-15 business days 25+ business days
India 9-16 business days 25+ business days
Japan 6-10 business days 25+ business days
Netherlands 10-15 business days 25+ business days
New Zealand 8-14 business days 25+ business days
United Kingdom 10-15 business days 25+ business days
United States 10-15 business days 25+ business days

Why is my preferred Australia Post (Auspost) delivery option unavailable?

The available Australia Post delivery options are either SafeDrop or Redirection.

Safe Drop may be unavailable for the following reasons:

  • You are logging in to MyPost with an email address or a phone number that is different from the one that you used for your order purchase, or that you provided to the sender.
  • There isn’t enough time to notify the driver.
  • The sender still requires a signature from the recipient.
  • If your parcel does not require a signature, it will be left in a safe place if appropriate.

Redirection may be unavailable for the following reasons:

  • You are logging in to your Australia Post MyPost with an email address or a phone number that is different from the one that you used to place your order or provided to the sender.
  • Your package is already with the delivery driver, or waiting for collection at the Post Office.
  • The sender has not provided the email address or phone number that is compatible with your MyPost account.
  • Your parcel is delivered to a Parcel Locker, Parcel Collect or Post Office Box address.
  • Your package has been returned to the sender.

Why do some of my packages get an ‘expected delivery’ date from Australia Post but not others?

Normally, Australia Post Tracking will provide you an “expected delivery date” for your parcels if possible. This is because Australia Post tracking has certain information about your package’s delivery process to give you an estimated delivery time as accurately as possible. To do this, Australia Post will need several details about your package, including the service you chose to use for delivery, the country of origin and the destination country of the package.

However, for some parcels, even if there is an address on your package, Australia Post’s package tracking system does not have the necessary information to suggest an expected delivery date. This may be because of the following reasons: the item has been posted in a street posting box, the address on the parcel is written by hand, or it is an international package being delivered by other carriers.

In the event that Australia Post package tracking is not able to generate an automatic estimation of your delivery arrival time, you can still get an expected delivery date. You can do this by entering your postcode on Parcel Monitor’s Australia Post tracking tool.

What should I do if I missed my international parcel delivery from Australia Post or if it’s delayed?

If you missed your international parcel delivery from Australia Post or if it is delayed, please do not panic. It is absolutely normal for global package deliveries to be delayed due to limited flights and restrictions all over the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are waiting for your parcel to arrive from overseas, you can track the parcel using the AusPost tracking app or Parcel Monitor’s Australia Post global tracking tool.The delay can be up to 15 business days after the expected delivery date.

If you sent your package overseas, the delivery time depends on what type of service you use. Please contact Australia Post if your item is delayed beyond the following time.

  • International Courier or Express item: within 1 business day of the estimated delivery time.
  • International Standard item: within 10 business days of the estimated delivery time.
  • International Economy or Airmail item: within 3 months of posting.
  • Registered Post International item: within 25 business days of posting.

What should I do if I lost my Australia Post ShopMate tracking number?

In case you lost your ShopMate tracking number, the first thing to do is logging into your Australia Post ShopMate account. Then, click on the ‘My Shopping’ tab to check whether your shipment details are listed.

If you need further help, you can contact Australia Post’s ShopMate Customer Contact Center through the number 1300 624 475 between 8am-6pm (AEST) from Monday to Friday or send an email to Please ensure that you provide the customer service with an accurate Australia Post Customer Number and ShopMate Suite Number.

My Australia Post tracking status says ‘possible delay’, what does that mean?

In general, “possible delay” means there are some issues happening during the delivery process that can possibly lead to the delay of your package’s estimated delivery date.

Some of the common delivery delays are extreme weather events or public emergencies. For more information and clarification, you can check Australia Post’s service updates regularly. Another common reason for possible delivery delay is an error from the sender. Either way, you will still receive your package but it is taking longer than expected.

What does the tracking status ‘pending’ mean when tracking my packages with Australia Post tracking?

There are two situations if your package tracking status is “pending”.

First, “pending” means your item has not been scanned through Australia Post’s tracking system yet. This might be because:

  • Your parcel has not been posted yet.
  • Your parcel was posted in a street posting box that can take a little more time for the item to be scanned.
  • Your parcel was posted over the counter in bulk and not scanned yet.

In this case, your tracking status should be updated in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Second, “pending” can mean your parcel has an old tracking number that has not had any activity over 2 months, thus has been archived. Please check with Australia Post’s customer service team or reach out to your retailer for an updated Australia Post package tracking number.

My Australia Post parcel tracking status says ‘can’t be delivered’, what does it mean?

If your parcel tracking status says ‘can’t be delivered’, it means there are problems or errors and Australia Post is unable to deliver your packages to the address provided. In this case, Australia Post will need to contact you and show you the collection instructions.

You can’t turn off the ‘can’t be delivered’ email notification in the account settings since Australia Post tracking have to let you know if this happens.

Where can I contact Australia Post about my packages and tracking?

Australia Post Contact is always welcoming customers to contact them whenever they have demands, whether to make a complaint about an unsatisfactory experience, or to leave a compliment about Australia Post’s services.

You can visit Australia Post’s complaints and feedback to find out more about how to make an inquiry, or file a complaint for Australia Post. Australia Post will provide you with all details needed during the process. This site lists all kinds of ways that you can get in touch with Australia Post tracking. For example, how to choose the best online form for your enquiry, what you should do if you are not satisfied with the final decision, or how you can make an anonymous report.

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