Notifications in the Post-...

Notifications in the Post-Purchase Journey Report 2023

Jan 05, 2024
Notifications in the Post-Purchase Journey Report 2023

Did you know that customers check delivery updates up to four times per order and open approximately 62% of these emails?

In today's highly competitive business landscape, engaging customers throughout their post-purchase journey has become a pivotal factor for success. Among the various strategies employed by businesses to enhance customer experience, notifications stand out as a crucial element. These timely updates play a vital role in keeping customers informed, fostering engagement, and ultimately elevating their overall experience. Recognizing the significance of these notifications, let us delve deeper into the significance of these notifications and their impact on business success.

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1) Decoding the Post-Purchase Journey

As online shopping continues to flourish, businesses have come to realize the importance of the post-purchase journey in securing their long-term success. While the initial purchase holds its own importance, it is the subsequent phase of the customer journey that truly differentiates successful enterprises within the fiercely competitive e-commerce market.

By focusing on the post-purchase journey, companies can enhance customer satisfaction, encourage repeat purchases, and foster long-term relationships with their customers. This includes effectively utilizing notifications, providing order updates, ensuring prompt and hassle-free last-mile deliveries, offering exceptional customer support, and personalizing the overall experience.

2) Driving Customer Lifetime Value With Notifications

In the most simple terms, customer lifetime value (CLV) is a metric that calculates the total value a customer brings to a business over the entire duration of their relationship. When customers feel valued and keep coming back, it's not just beneficial for the business's bottom line, but also for creating a loyal customer base that can contribute to long-term success.

First and foremost, delivery notifications help to alleviate customer anxiety and uncertainty by providing real-time updates on the progress of their orders. Customers appreciate being kept informed about the whereabouts of their packages, which reduces concerns about potential delays or lost shipments. This proactive approach to communication addresses customer anxiety and creates a positive experience, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

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3) Building a Successful Notifications Strategy

Building a successful notifications strategy is crucial for businesses to effectively engage with their customers and optimize the post-purchase customer journey.

In a recent survey done by Rakuten Insight, 32% of participants considered "Prompt Delivery Notifications" to be a crucial factor influencing their delivery experience. This is especially the case in Taiwan, Japan, and China where 44%, 42%, and 40% of consumers respectively gave "Prompt Delivery Notifications" a rating of 1 or 2 out of 5, with 1 denoting the highest level of importance. In contrast, only 24% of customers in the United States expressed the same, suggesting that cultural and regional differences do play a part in shaping customer expectations and preferences regarding delivery notifications.

4) Key Elements of Effective Notification Emails

For an effective notifications strategy, retailers should minimally set up three categories of emails as follows: order confirmation, delivery issues, and successful delivery.

In addition to these three categories of emails, retailers should also consider setting up notifications for other delivery-related events, such as delivery rescheduling, delivery reminders, or delivery feedback requests. By providing timely and relevant delivery updates to customers, retailers can enhance the customer experience and build trust and loyalty.

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