How Peak Season 2022 in Eu...

How Peak Season 2022 in Europe Might Look Like

Aug 05, 2022

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Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce growth exploded across Europe in 2021. For starters, 74% of internet users in the European Union shopped online in 2021 – the highest we have seen in a decade. Despite this surge in e-commerce adoption, we also witnessed an increasing number of consumers returning to physical retail, especially towards the end of the year.

With the pandemic still present, retailers can expect the need to navigate many more challenges in the year ahead. When asked to reveal his forecasts for peak season 2022, Wolfgang Lehmacher – Supply Chain & Technology Expert at Parcel Monitor – mentioned the following: “The peak season 2022 will probably not be as dramatic as what we have seen during the hot times in the last two years. Nevertheless, in today’s volatile world, everything can happen which makes cash and agile systems king.”

In this report, you will find valuable insights and forecast numbers for the upcoming peak season in Europe:

  1. E-Commerce Landscape in Europe

  2. How Peak Season 2021 Went in Europe

  3. What Peak Season 2022 Might Look Like

  4. Advice From an Industry Leader

For the full analysis, download the free report now (exclusive to Parcel Monitor members).

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