A Look at Consumer Trends ...

A Look at Consumer Trends in the United States

Feb 01, 2023
A Look at Consumer Trends in the United States

E-commerce in the United States (US) experienced significant growth in 2022 as a result of COVID-19. The pandemic caused a shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping for convenience and safety, leading to a significant increase in e-commerce sales. This trend has continued even as the country begins to reopen, with consumers valuing the convenience and flexibility of online shopping. Brands and retailers that have invested in robust online offerings have seen significant success, while those that have lagged behind have struggled to compete.

In this report, you will find valuable insights into the latest US consumer trends, as well as the peak season preferences of shoppers in 2022:

  1. Post-Purchase Landscape in the United States

  2. Are Product Returns a Necessary Evil?

  3. Consumer Preferences During Peak Season 2022

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