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Our Partners

Our Partner Ecosystem

Our Partner Ecosystem

We partner with the leading players in retail, e-commerce, and logistics to push for ecosystem transparency, openness, and collaboration. Millions of users rely on Parcel Monitor to not only obtain e-commerce delivery information but also leverage our data and resources for informed decision-making. Join us in our mission to inspire change in e-commerce logistics and deliver a transparent and better experience for consumers, merchants, and carriers.

As part of our mission to inspire change in e-commerce logistics, we partner with the leading players in retail, e-commerce and logistics to push for ecosystem, transparency, openness and collaboration.

Our Partners

Event Partners

We work with event organizers to boost their reach and increase attendee outreach through co-marketing efforts. Industry professionals are also kept in the know of the hottest e-commerce logistics events through these event partnerships.

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Data & Research Partners

We work with various data and research partners to jointly develop high-quality, data-driven insights for the industry. Partners utilize our rich datasets on e-commerce logistics performance to supplement their research, which we share with our community on a regular basis.

Industry Partners

We work with leading retail, e-commerce, and logistics players around the world to share the latest industry developments and trends with the wider ecosystem.

Hear From Our Experts

"Why is collaboration in e-commerce logistics and supply chain important?”

Charles Brewer
Charles Brewer
Group CEO of Pos Malaysia Bhd

As the adage goes, ‘No man is an island’. At Pos Malaysia, we fully support collaboration in the e-commerce logistics space to deliver greater synergistic value and create more extensive economies of scale. With the burgeoning e-commerce market, we strive to improve on speed, service levels and customer satisfaction which lead to greater customer retention, build on long-term relationships that ultimately lead to higher profits for all.

Zsófia Agnes Nagy
Zsófia Agnes Nagy
Supply Chain Adviser of BZLW GmbH

How one treats their business counterparts when business goes well for them, reflects directly on how they will be treated when things go badly for them. So collaboration is not even important, it is critical if someone has a long-term interest of staying in business, especially in e-commerce logistics and supply chains as everything is interconnected.

Wolfgang Lehmacher
Wolfgang Lehmacher
Former Director, Head of Supply Chain & Transport of World Economic Forum

Managing demand and supply chain networks effectively and efficiently requires data sharing and analytics. But data is not everything and at times technology can fail us. In this case good relationships and close collaboration is key to act quickly. I believe that a technology-empowered collaborative spirit helps a company to delight its customers and suppliers alike.

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