Zipline Increases Footprint in the US With Three New Customers

May 12, 2023

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Zipline is gaining momentum as it acquires new customers in the healthcare, restaurant, and retail industries who prefer the company's instant delivery service in supporting their US-based customers. Zipline’s instant delivery service will soon be available to customers of GNC, Pagliacci Pizza and Associated Couriers.

“Zipline’s instant delivery solution is faster, more convenient and better for the environment than traditional automotive delivery. We provide the best delivery experience on earth for consumers and businesses of any size, industry and location,” said Irene Scher, Senior Vice President of US Go-To-Market at Zipline. “We’re excited to go above and beyond for GNC, Pagliacci Pizza and Associated Couriers’ customers.”

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Through these partnerships, Zipline is expanding the operations of its new home delivery service, which is ultra-precise, nearly inaudible, and up to seven times faster than traditional automobile delivery. The company's Platform 2 Zips (drones) fly over 300 feet above the ground and have been designed to sound like rustling leaves in the wind, making them nearly silent. Upon arrival at the destination, the Zip hovers quietly and safely while its fully autonomous delivery droid maneuvers down a tether to deliver the package to small areas, including patio tables or the front steps of a home.

In March, Zipline announced its Platform 2 technology would be used by other organizations, including Sweetgreen, Michigan Medicine, MultiCare Health Systems, Intermountain Health, and the Government of Rwanda. The company expects to operate more flights annually than most major U.S. airlines by 2025.

Third-party studies conducted on Zipline's system have shown that it helps save lives, increase care, and improve patient outcomes. For instance, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found an 88% reduction in in-hospital maternal deaths from postpartum hemorrhage as a result of Zipline’s logistics and delivery system.

Source: Zipline expands United States operations and adds new customers in the food, retail and transportation sectors

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