Yahoo News: Amazon Sets to Launch Prime Air Drone Deliveries

Jun 15, 2022

(Image Source: Deccan Chronicle)

The global e-commerce giant, Amazon, has announced the debut of drone deliveries in California Town. Amazon customers at Lockeford will be able to sign up for free delivery by Prime Air drones later this year. That would make the community of 3,500 among the first U.S. locations to enjoy free drone delivery within 30 minutes.

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“Air-eligible” items ordered at the retailer’s website such as household products, beauty items, and office supplies will be packed into drones that will fly to the delivery addresses, deposit packages outside from safe heights, then fly away. Prime Air drones can reach a speed of 50 miles-per-hour and fly at a 400-foot altitude carrying packages at a weight maximum of five pounds. Serving as a pilot, customers feedback will be crucial for Amazon to improve its drone system and safely scale to continuously meet the needs of customers everywhere.

Amazon had already received approval in 2020 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FDA) to fly drones.The company has been in the works to fine tune its drone delivery system, launching its “sense-and-avoid system” that is equipped for “two main scenarios: to be safe when in transit, and to be safe when approaching the ground”, as stated by the company’s representative.

Source: Amazon to Start Delivering by Drone in California Town

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