Tech Crunch: Walmart Partners...

Tech Crunch: Walmart Partners With Tik Tok to Organize Another Livestream Shopping Event

Mar 12, 2021
Tech Crunch: Walmart Partners With Tik Tok to Organize Another Livestream Shopping Event

(Image Source: Walmart)

Walmart just held its second shopping event on TikTok: Spring Shop-Along: Beauty Edition following the success of their pilot event in December. 

The event was held on Thursday, March 11 at 9 PM EST on Walmart’s official channel on TikTok. TikTok creators and influencers including Gabby Morrison were featured in the 1-hour long live stream.

Gabby and others shared with the audience their skincare and makeup routine, using beauty products from brands like NYX, Maybelline, The Lip Bar, Bliss, Kim Kimble, Marc Jacobs fragrances, all distributed by Walmart. Viewers were able to purchase these products directly from the TikTok app by tapping the product pins on the screen. They can checkout anytime during the event or after. 

Livestream shopping has been attracting a lot of US investors, especially when shopping habits have changed during the pandemic. A number of startups have also jumped onto the bandwagon: NTWRK, Bambuser, Popshop Live. Big tech companies obviously also joined for a part of this cake. 

Walmart has been active on TikTok for over a year. Apart from activities on the official account, their employees also act as video creators to sell products. The trial live-shopping event seemed to be a great success for Walmart, which led to the further collaboration of this corporation with TikTok.

“We were happy with getting 7x more views than anticipated and the 25% increase in TikTok follower growth after the first event. We were also pleased with the smooth checkout experience,” a spokesperson from Walmart shared.

Source: Walmart to host a new livestream shopping event on TikTok, following successful pilot

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