Retail Dive: Walmart Partners With Salesforce to Offer Local Fulfillment Tech and Delivery Services

Jan 18, 2023

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Thanks to its robust logistics structure and strong financial backing, Walmart was able to create a new line of business named GoLocal in 2021, back when supply chain congestion and tight delivery capacity were rampant during the pandemic. As of today, both Walmart GoLocal, the retailer's same-day delivery service, and Commerce Technologies’ Store Assist, a type of technology that helps optimize in-store fulfillment, are offered independently.

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Last week, Walmart announced its collaboration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to provide retailers with its fulfillment technology and local delivery services. Experts believe the partnership will increase the ease of access to the two aforementioned offerings and drive greater traffic to both.

“With the help of Salesforce, we are packaging everything a retailer could need to manage local fulfillment and delivery,” said Anshu Bhardwaj, senior vice president of technology strategy and commercialization at Walmart Global Technology.

According to Retail Dive, GoLocal has achieved its initial success in the same-day delivery sector, surpassing 1 million deliveries even before its first anniversary. Some of its other key accomplishments include:

  • Serving customers at thousands of pick-up points and completing deliveries in as fast as 30 minutes.

  • Securing partnerships with leading enterprises across a wide rang of categories including fashion, automotive, consumer electronics and warehousing.

  • Expanding the suite of fulfillment options, from express delivery to next-day and large item delivery services

“End consumers will be able to get the same delivery experience from Walmart GoLocal as today,” said Harsit Patel, vice president and general manager of Walmart GoLocal, of the Salesforce partnership. “The difference is how the retailer would access that experience and enable it.”

The partnership with Salesforce is a win-win deal, increasing activity for the two companies and providing retailers with greater access to more cost-effective local fulfillment and delivery solutions they couldn’t have developed themselves.

Source: Walmart to offer fulfillment tech, delivery services through Salesforce

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