Walmart and Rubi Announce Par...

Walmart and Rubi Announce Partnership to Bolster Sustainability Efforts in Fashion

Aug 01, 2023

(Image Source: Walmart)

In a recent announcement, Walmart expressed its excitement about its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and exploring new possibilities. They have partnered with Rubi Laboratories on pilot projects that seek to address a remarkable idea: transforming carbon emissions into affordable clothing with zero waste.

Walmart is proud to be the first company to collaborate with Rubi Laboratories on both manufacturing and brand pilot agreements. The manufacturing pilot will investigate the integration of Rubi's carbon capture technology into the Walmart supply chain, including testing the capture of carbon emissions at some of Walmart's facilities. The brand pilot will assess the performance of Rubi's fiber in a prototype garment, with the ultimate goal of producing garment samples for a potentially larger apparel collection to be made available in Walmart stores.

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Rubi Laboratories' technology is based on the concept of mimicking how trees absorb CO2 and convert it into cellulose for growth. Their patent-pending process captures and converts carbon emissions into fabric, resulting in carbon-negative, resource-neutral textiles that can be used for clothing and other materials.

“At Rubi, our goal is to ensure a thriving future by restoring Earth’s ecological balance with reimagined supply chains,” said Neeka Mashouf, Co-founder and CEO of Rubi Labs. “Walmart’s ability to mobilize positive impact across its supply chain of diverse U.S. partners could be massively impactful in scaling our production and delivering on our commitments. We’re thrilled to partner with them.”

Walmart sees the potential of Rubi's technology extending beyond apparel into various industries, such as packaging, building materials, food, and the creation of new raw materials. The possibilities are extensive, and Walmart is eager to embark on this journey toward a more sustainable and equitable future.

Source: Walmart and Rubi Laboratories Breathe Fresh Air into Sustainable Fashion

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