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Victoria's Secret Partners With Google Cloud to Create AI-Powered Shopping Experiences

Jan 17, 2024
Victoria's Secret Partners With Google Cloud to Create AI-Powered Shopping Experiences

(Image Source: Google Cloud)

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Victoria’s Secret & Co. has joined forces with Google Cloud to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI in revolutionizing the intimate apparel shopping experience. The partnership, set to unfold over several years, aims to extend the personalized and inclusive ethos of Victoria’s Secret to a global audience through innovative digital solutions.

Over the past year, significant strides in AI and generative AI have offered the promise of enhanced inclusivity and personalization for customers worldwide, transcending geographical constraints. Victoria’s Secret, renowned for celebrating and supporting women in all walks of life, is now venturing into uncharted territory with Google Cloud to bring an unprecedented level of personalization to its online platforms.

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Here are five key initiatives that underscore the strategic collaboration between Victoria’s Secret & Co. and Google Cloud:

  1. Generative AI Virtual Assistant for Personalized Service:The introduction of a generative AI virtual assistant, powered by Google Cloud’s AI platform, Vertex AI, is set to replicate the one-on-one customer service experience found in physical stores. This chatbot is poised to offer tailored product recommendations and advice, ensuring a customized and memorable interaction for online shoppers.

  2. Enhanced Product Discovery Through AI:Victoria’s Secret is committed to making the search for the perfect bra seamless and effortless. To achieve this, the partnership aims to implement Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for retail, enhancing the website and mobile app with improved search capabilities. The objective is to provide customers with more relevant product results and personalized recommendations.

  3. Revolutionizing Product Search with AI Technology:Customers can now leverage an AI-powered product search feature, utilizing Google Cloud’s AI technology to find specific products by uploading images into the search bar. This innovative approach ensures quick and accurate product recommendations based on visual cues, transforming the way customers search for products.

  4. Customer Sentiment Analysis for Product Innovation:The collaboration seeks to leverage Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and Looker business intelligence technologies to analyze and visualize customer sentiment. By staying attuned to evolving styles, trends, and shopper preferences, the partnership aims to drive product innovation and refine offerings based on real-time consumer sentiment gathered from social media platforms.

  5. AI-Optimized Forecasting and Internal Operations:Victoria’s Secret & Co. is exploring AI for supply chain optimization to enhance forecasting accuracy for in-store shopping and new product launches. Additionally, Google Cloud’s generative AI technologies will be utilized to create conversational and personalized associate onboarding programs, automate the production of job descriptions, and streamline the transcription of interview note-taking.

This collaboration marks just the beginning of an exciting journey for Victoria’s Secret & Co. and Google Cloud as they strive to leverage cutting-edge technologies for a more intuitive, seamless, and welcoming shopping experience. Stay tuned for further developments on or through the Victoria’s Secret and PINK app.

Source: Five ways Victoria’s Secret & Co. is using AI to make shopping more personalized and inclusive

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