Straatosphere: VF Corp Buys Supreme for US$2.1 billion

Nov 18, 2020

(Image Source: Straatosphere)

VF Corp announced they will acquire New York streetwear label Supreme for US$2.1 billion. 

Supreme will continue its operations and business independently with its founder, James Jebbia. “This partnership will maintain our unique culture and independence while allowing us to grow on the same path we’ve been on since 1994,” Jebbia reaffirms in a press statement.

As soon as news of the acquisition broke, many comments and speculations were made about the future of Supreme. Some consumers are afraid that the streetwear label will become another mainstream brand and lose its exclusivity. 

Here are some comments made:

  • VF Corp would lead Supreme to over-produce 

  • Supreme will go against their founding values

  • Supreme resellers would run out of business

  • Supreme will stay the same

  • Supreme will flourish

  • VF Corp may open the floodgates for future collaborations 

Source: Supreme sold for $2 billion, here’s what people think

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