USPS to Eliminate Annual Peak...

USPS to Eliminate Annual Peak Surcharges This Holiday Season

Sep 21, 2023
USPS to Eliminate Annual Peak Surcharges This Holiday Season

(Image Source: Tareq Ismail/ Unsplash)

In a recent announcement, the United States Postal Service (USPS) declared its commitment to delivering an exceptional holiday season without imposing peak surcharges on its customers. The USPS, along with its dedicated workforce, is geared up to provide outstanding service during the festive period.

"Our 2022 peak season was a tremendous success," said Postmaster General and CEO Louis DeJoy. “We are ready to deliver for the holidays in a superior and routine manner. We have been planning early and leveraging investments in our people, infrastructure, transportation and technology made possible by the Delivering for America plan. And with no holiday surcharges, we are strongly positioned to be America’s most affordable delivery provider this holiday season.”

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Throughout 2023, the USPS has maintained an even stronger service performance while actively engaging in transformative initiatives nationwide. Thanks to the Delivering for America strategic plan, 98% of the U.S. population currently receives their mail and packages in less than three days, with approximately 40% of first-class mail and packages arriving a day in advance. The USPS is also addressing service-related issues in select areas through hiring initiatives and operational efficiency improvements.

One notable announcement from the USPS is the decision not to levy additional surcharges for customers this holiday season, offering increased price predictability. Residential area delivery, Saturday delivery, and minimum volumes will all remain fee-free. As a result, the USPS remains the most cost-effective option for mailing and shipping this holiday season.

Ahead of the 2023 peak holiday season, the USPS has made several key investments under the Delivering for America plan, including:

  1. Hiring 10,000 Seasonal Employees: The USPS aims to hire an additional 10,000 seasonal employees as part of its workforce stabilization efforts.

  2. 348 New Package Sorting Machines: These machines enhance package processing capabilities, with 47 more set to be installed before the holiday season.

  3. Increased Daily Processing Capacity: The USPS has expanded its daily package processing capacity to approximately 70 million, eliminating the need for temporary annexes.

  4. Reliable Ground Transportation: The USPS is moving 95% of its volume via more reliable ground transportation, reducing reliance on expensive air transportation.

  5. New Shipping Solution - USPS Ground Advantage: USPS Ground Advantage offers a reliable and affordable ground shipping option across the continental United States in just two to five business days.

"We understand the importance of every single package and letter that is sent during the holidays," expressed Postmaster General DeJoy. “That is why we continue to adapt and execute on strategies to modernize and transform the Postal Service into the high performing organization the nation expects and deserves. I am confident in our ability to handle the peak season surge and deliver exceptional service to the American people during the holidays and beyond.”

Source: U.S. Postal Service Ready to Deliver for America During the Holidays

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