USPS: Standard Delivery Time Remains Stable throughout Postal Service Network

Mar 21, 2023

(Image Source: Sam LaRussa/ Unsplash)

In its recent report on delivery performance indicators for the seventh week of the second quarter of the fiscal year 2023, the United States Postal Service showed that all mail categories had a stable delivery performance. The standard turnaround time for cross-country mail and package delivery via the Postal Service has remained unchanged at 2.5 days.

The second quarter of FY23 ran from January 1st to February 17th, and the corresponding service performance ratings were as follows:

  • 91.0% of First-Class Mail was delivered on time according to the USPS service standard, similarly to the first quarter of the fiscal year.

  • 94.4% of marketing mail was delivered on time based on the USPS service standard, similarly to the first quarter of the fiscal year.

  • Compared to the USPS service standard, 86.1% of Periodicals were delivered on time in the second fiscal quarter, a rise of 1.5 percentage points from the first quarter.

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The Postal Service's 10-year strategy for attaining financial sustainability and service excellence is called Delivering for America, and one of its goals is to achieve or surpass 95 percent on-time service performance for all mail and shipping goods. As stated by the Postal Service, service performance is the duration it takes to deliver a parcel from the moment it is accepted into our system to the time it is delivered, as compared to predetermined service standards.

The Postal Service is committed to updating the outdated and aging postal network across the country as part of its Delivering for America initiative, with the goal of increasing service dependability for the general public and commercial clients.

Source: Average Delivery Time Across Postal Service Network Remains Stable

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