USPS Reports Stable Average D...

USPS Reports Stable Average Delivery Time Across Parcel Service Network

Oct 03, 2023
USPS Reports Stable Average Delivery Time Across Parcel Service Network

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In a recent announcement, the United States Postal Service (USPS) unveiled its latest delivery performance metrics for the twelfth week of the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2023, shedding light on the efficiency of its mail and package delivery services.

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According to the USPS report, the average nationwide delivery time for mailpieces and packages stood at 2.5 days during this period. The report also provided a breakdown of service performance scores for various categories during the fourth quarter of FY23, spanning from July 1 to September 22:

  1. First-Class Mail: The report revealed that 91.4 percent of First-Class Mail was delivered on time, in line with USPS service standards. However, this figure reflected a 1.2 percentage point decrease compared to the fiscal third quarter.

  2. Marketing Mail: In the case of Marketing Mail, the USPS maintained a consistent performance rate, with 95.2 percent of Marketing Mail delivered on time, adhering to USPS service standards, similar to the performance seen in the fiscal third quarter.

  3. Periodicals: The report indicated that 86.2 percent of Periodicals were delivered on time, but this represented a 2.7 percentage point drop from the performance in the fiscal third quarter.

Despite these fluctuations, the USPS emphasized its ongoing efforts to enhance service delivery. Presently, the USPS proudly serves 98 percent of the nation's population with mail and packages arriving in less than three days, demonstrating an improvement in recent times. The organization is actively addressing service-related issues in limited areas to further bolster its service quality.

The USPS's commitment to service improvement is aligned with its strategic plan, "Delivering for America." This 10-year plan is designed to ensure the USPS's financial sustainability and service excellence, with one of its key objectives being to achieve or surpass a 95 percent on-time service performance for all mail and shipping products once all elements of the plan are fully implemented. USPS defines service performance as the duration it takes for a mailpiece or package to traverse from its entry into the USPS system to its final delivery, measured against established service standards.

Source: Average Delivery Time Across Postal Service Network Remains Stable

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