Retaildive: USPS Introduces New Communication Plan for Peak Season 2021

Aug 25, 2021

(Image Source: Marketplace)

Communications between shippers and USPS faced difficulties during the 2020 holiday season. To ensure that communication is smooth for this year’s peak season, USPS has made extra efforts to improve the facilities and network to better manage the increase in shipping volume.

“Lessons learned in FY 2021 will be incorporated into the FY 2022 plan,” USPS management said in comments included in the report, adding that its “management team utilized all available options to minimize service delays.”

Despite the new plans, USPS customers are not convinced about this peak season after encountering multiple hiccups in 2020’s holiday season, said Michael Plunkett, President and CEO of the Association for Postal Commerce. A two days notice seems to be too short for shippers to adjust and adapt given the limited capacity.

“The Postal Service will have to greatly improve on its communication relative to last year’s peak or risk alienating customers even further,” says Plunkett. 

Last year, shipping volume at the nine USPS facilities that implemented embargoes or volume redirections surged by a range of 7% to 54% so they are unable to handle the volume increase.

Source:  USPS shippers need 2-day notice of disruption to avoid hectic peak, watchdog says

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