UPS and Teamsters Reach a His...

UPS and Teamsters Reach a Historic Tentative Agreement

Jul 31, 2023

(Image Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture/ Rawpixel)

25 July 2023 marked a monumental achievement for the Teamsters as they secured the most historic tentative agreement for workers in the history of UPS. With the welfare of over 340,000 UPS Teamsters across the nation at its core, the overwhelmingly lucrative contract promises to uplift workers' conditions and reward their dedication. The five-year agreement encompasses wage increases, full-time job creation, and a host of workplace protections and enhancements, gaining unanimous endorsement from the UPS Teamsters National Negotiating Committee.

The UPS Teamsters National Master Agreement represents the single largest private-sector collective bargaining agreement in North America. This historic milestone ensures that UPS workers receive the recognition, rewards, and protections they deserve, setting a new benchmark for labor agreements in the industry.

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“UPS has put $30 billion in new money on the table as a direct result of these negotiations. We’ve changed the game, battling it out day and night to make sure our members won an agreement that pays strong wages, rewards their labor, and doesn’t require a single concession. This contract sets a new standard in the labor movement and raises the bar for all workers,” said Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien.

Highlights of the tentative 2023-2028 UPS Teamsters National Master Agreement include:

  • Existing full- and part-time UPS Teamsters will receive $2.75 more per hour in 2023, with a total wage increase of $7.50 per hour over the contract's duration.

  • Wage increases for part-time workers will be double the amount obtained in the previous UPS Teamsters contract, with existing part-time workers experiencing a 48 percent average total wage increase over the next five years.

  • Wage increases for full-timers will elevate UPS Teamsters to the highest paid delivery drivers in the nation, with an improved average top rate of $49 per hour.

  • Safety and health protections: UPS will equip in-cab air conditioning in all larger delivery vehicles, sprinter vans, and package cars purchased after Jan. 1, 2024. Additionally, all cars will be equipped with two fans and air induction vents in cargo compartments.

  • More than 60 changes and improvements to the National Master Agreement, setting a new precedent in Teamsters history, with no concessions from the rank-and-file.

The agreement will be reviewed and recommended by representatives of the 176 UPS Teamster locals in the U.S. and Puerto Rico on July 31. UPS rank-and-file members will be provided with a detailed list of improvements in the contract and will have several weeks to vote on the offer electronically, with member voting commencing on August 3 and concluding on August 22.

Source: “We’ve Changed the Game”: Teamsters Win Historic UPS Contract

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