PPTI: UK Among Top 5 European...

PPTI: UK Among Top 5 European Countries for Delivery Innovation

Nov 10, 2022
PPTI: UK Among Top 5 European Countries for Delivery Innovation

(Image Source: Parcel and Postal Technology International)

The United Kingdom (UK) ranks fifth in Europe for its ability to innovate, advance technology, and maintain the delivery and courier business, according to The European Delivery Innovator Index research from the return freight platform Courier Exchange. It was also pointed out that the UK is more prepared than most of Europe to employ cutting-edge technologies in the road delivery sector.

With a score about twice as high as Poland's, it comes in just after Sweden, Spain, and Belgium. However, it was discovered that the UK lagged behind the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland in terms of road conditions and the use of electric light commercial vehicles. According to the experts, the UK must spend in these areas if it wants to keep up with other European countries.

The study examined information on several parameters linking the courier sector to technological development and innovation. Transportation infrastructure, the accessibility of electric car charging stations, and the overall potential for innovation are all taken into account. Government regulation for driverless cars is one area where the UK looks to be leading the way (AVs).

Aside from Germany, no other European nation has legislation in the works or has approval in place other than for testing AVs. According to the research, the adoption of AV and other cutting-edge technologies, including drones, is expected to revitalize the last-mile delivery business, impacted by the rapidly expanding e-commerce sector. According to reports, the UK's laws in this sector demonstrate its willingness to embrace new technologies to increase road delivery services.

"Demand for delivery services is showing no signs of slowing down, so to stay up, the sector will need to find efficiency where it can," said Luke Davies, Commercial Director at Courier Exchange.

Source: UK ranks fifth in Europe for delivery innovation, Courier Exchange research finds

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