Techcrunch: Live Video Shopping Platform Talkshoplive Raises $3m in the Latest Funding Round

Feb 22, 2021

(Image Source: Talkshoplive)

Talkshoplive, a new live video shopping platform has raised $3 million in seed funding from Spero Ventures. 

Talkshop live was founded in 2018 by Bryan Moore and his sister Tina. Moore used to be in charge of social media at Twentieth Television and CBS Television. After witnessing the development of live-streamed shopping experiences in China, he founded Talkshoplive, where businesses and customers are connected. 

To adapt to the Western market, he had to make some twists, creating a comparative advantage against his current competitors: “Small businesses are different here, talent is different, the needs are different.” One of the key points is to focus on helping creators and businesses reach out to their customers directly – the differentiating factor that sets the company apart from the competition. 

The startup initially focused on music and books; collaborated with famous people like Matthew McConaughey, Alicia Keys, Dolly Parton, Brooks, and McCartney to attract customers who were the artists’ fans. Thanks to Talkshoplive, Brooks has sold over 1 million vinyl records for his “Legacy Collection” box set in 2019. The company cooperated with publishers including Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan. At the same time, the startup is promoting over 3500 small businesses. 

Talkshoplive recently jumped into the food and beauty sector. CEO Bryan Moore is really looking forward to the collaboration with Spero founding partner Shripriya Mahesh in honing the broadcasting tools. 

“Talkshoplive also innovates on the marketplace model with a way for buyers to truly engage with the sellers, get to know them, and experience shopping in a whole new way. We are incredibly excited by the community that is taking shape at Talkshoplive and are thrilled to be working with Bryan, Tina, and the TSL team as they grow their community and the marketplace.” Mahesh stated.

Source: Live video shopping startup Talkshoplive raises $3M

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