TechCrunch: Australia-based E-Commerce Startup Acquires $30M AUD Prelaunch Funding from Commonwealth Bank of Australia

May 31, 2021

(Image Source: TechCrunch)

Little Birdie is an e-commerce startup based in Melbourne which is looking to become “the new homepage of online shopping.” The pre-launched company has just received $30M AUD from Australia’s biggest local bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). With this partnership, Little Birdie will be also advertised on the bank’s mobile apps. 

According to CEO Jon Beros, the Australian e-commerce market is extremely competitive and yet fragmented at the same time. Unlike in the USA where Amazon is leading the market, consumers in Australia spend time considering several options including eBay, Gumtree, Amazon, Woolworths and other smaller players. 

In this arena, Little Birdie identifies itself as a new marketing channel that delivers qualified customer leads for retailers. The startup wants to become the first place shoppers look into when they want to buy something. On this platform, they can find sales and offers as well as track and compare products. 

Little Birdie has a vision to go international with their initial sights set on Southeast Asia and the USA, but the timeline is not firm yet due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, the company is looking for two different kinds of brand partnerships:

“Firstly with retailers who come on board to promote their exclusive offers and products on Little Birdie and secondly with major brands and media companies that look to integrate our shopping content into their apps or websites. These integration partners ultimately deepen the value Little Birdie offers its retail partners by helping to amplify the reach of their offers to a wider audience,” Beros said.

Source:E-commerce startup Little Birdie lands $30M AUD prelaunch funding from Australia’s largest bank

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