Tech Crunch: Twitter Tests New Tweet Display for E-Commerce

Mar 09, 2021

(Image Source: Tech Crunch)

Social media consultant Matt Navarra noticed that Twitter was testing a new tweet display for e-commerce pages. E-commerce links will be displayed as a card that would show product details (name, shop name, pricing) directly in the tweets. It also includes a big “Shop” button to redirect customers to the landing product page. 

The new tweet card demonstrates Twitter’s interest in e-commerce. This format could potentially become a part of Twitter’s effort to be a creator platform. Twitter also shared its plan for a “Super Follow” subscription, which aligns with the bigger plan of being a creator platform. 

With the popularity of e-commerce and growing attention for video-based shopping, many online social platforms such as Facebook, Tik Tok have invested in optimizing their shopping features. Shopify has partnered with Tik Tok last fall; Walmart is running its own live-streamed shopping event.

For that reason, becoming a friendlier platform for e-commerce products is an interesting and exciting idea.

“We know people come to Twitter to interact with brands and discuss their favorite products. In fact, you may have even noticed some businesses already developing creative ways to enable sales on our platform” Twitter Revenue Lead, Bruce Falck shared. 

However, the plan is at a very early stage and the investors should be taking necessary precautions. The introduction of Twitter Card for e-commerce businesses was only the first move. Twitter, at the same time, is working on a number of other plans dedicated to the e-commerce market.

Source: Twitter tests new e-commerce features for tweets

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