CNBC: Target Offers Incentives to Vaccinated Hourly Staff

Feb 17, 2021

(Image Source: CNBC)

Target recently announced that they will be providing extra pay and additional incentives to encourage their employees to be vaccinated. 

The retailer will pay up to 4 hours salary for hourly employees when they get the Covid-19 vaccine injection. The company also offers to cover transportation fees, up to $15 each way, to the vaccination location. Over 350,000 part-time and full-time staff of Target will be eligible for these benefits. 

More than a dozen companies have also proposed incentive strategies to nudge their workers to get the shots, as the supply of vaccines increases. Aldi, Dollar General, and Trade Joe’s are presenting four hours of pay for getting the two doses. Lidl, Kroger, Chobani, Amtrak, Darden, and McDonald’s are all offering fixed cash payments. Other companies, instead of giving benefits for vaccinations, are buying the vaccines themselves to get their employees injected. 

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union pushed for grocery and meatpacking plant workers to get prior access to the Covid-19 vaccine. During the pandemic time, these workers have been on the front lines assisting customers and providing essential goods such as groceries, cleaning supplies. Many of them have been infected with SARS-COV2 and died. 

Retailers like Target have spent extra to support these employees who are continuously working in the midst of Covid-19. Target offered extra pay, paid leaves to hourly workers while trying its best to keep them safe. The company also accelerated the plans to raise the minimum hourly wage and gave several rounds of bonuses. In 2020, Target reported of extra $1 billion spent on employees than in 2019.

Source: Target offers extra pay, free transportation to hourly employees who get Covid vaccines

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