Post & Parcel: Swiss Post to Go All-Electric in Zurich and Bern

Feb 07, 2023

(Image Source: Claudio Schwarz/ Unsplash)

Swiss Post has committed to do all future letter and package deliveries in the cities of Zurich and Bern using only electric vehicles. This is a major step towards the goal of eco-friendly logistics for the firm. Using a fleet of 568 electric cars, Swiss Post's mail carriers in the two cities will make carbon-free deliveries of mail and packages. There are 374 electric scooters and 194 delivery vans that run on electricity.

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In addition, Swiss Post's urban transportation services are more eco-friendly since their power comes exclusively from renewable energy sources in Switzerland. Only in Zurich and Bern will electric vehicles be used exclusively, but by 2030, the whole Swiss Post delivery fleet will be run by different power units, meaning that the electricity will be generated from renewable sources like eco-electricity.

Since making the switch, Swiss Post has increased its annual electrical packet delivery volume to roughly 40 million. The city of Zurich processes 7.9 million package deliveries annually, whereas the city of Bern processes 3.4 million. Swiss Post has been gradually installing electric cars and charging infrastructure at several places to make this transition possible. The Swiss Post has significant difficulties with electric delivery, some of which have been handled and others not yet tackled.

“As a company owned by the Confederation, Swiss Post always has to act as a role model. And we live up to this. The electrification of our delivery fleet and the resulting resource-saving logistics means that our customers also reduce their carbon footprint," said Johannes Cramer, Head of Swiss Post's Logistics Services Group department.

Source: Swiss Post Goes Electric-Only in Zurich and Bern

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