PPTI: SwipBox to Start Leasin...

PPTI: SwipBox to Start Leasing of Infinity Parcel Lockers to Customers

Feb 21, 2023
PPTI: SwipBox to Start Leasing of Infinity Parcel Lockers to Customers

(Image Source: Jan van der Wolf/ Pexels)

SwipBox has revealed that it would start leasing its Infinity parcel lockers to customers so that they may "enjoy ongoing assistance, flexible options, and a favorable final purchasing price at the expiration of their lease."

“Removing our customers’ pain points one by one is part of our DNA. With the continued requests from customers for a leasing option, we felt now is the right time to introduce this option. For some customers, it makes sense to own their lockers, for others leasing is the right choice. We’re happy that we can now cater to the latter group as well," said SwipBox's CEO Jens Rom.

Leasing is the most recently introduced solution that seeks to alleviate client concerns surrounding locker purchases. To help network owners save time while searching for new locations, SwipBox, for one, created the AI tool Location Generator. The Infinity locker, which is powered by a battery, similarly saves time and money by doing away with the prerequisites of wiring, location, owner rent, and ground preparation.

With its partnerships with a wide range of companies, SwipBox has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in managing parcel locker networks, and now more than 30,000 lockers are used all over the world. As of today, SwipBox Infinity lockers are available for leasing through partners in several nations, including the Rabobank Group-owned DLL Group in the Netherlands.

Source: SwipBox introduces leasing of Infinity parcel lockers

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