Post & Parcel: SwipBox Installed over 150,000 Parcel Lockers in 2021

Mar 08, 2022

(Image Source: Post & Parcel)

SwipBox, a Denmark-based logistics company known for its innovative parcel locker solutions, experienced rapid growth over the past year. Based on its annual report, SwipBox tripled its revenue after having delivered more than 10,000 parcel lockers in 2021. It also witnessed the doubling of the number of customers, owing largely to the pandemic-induced e-commerce boom.

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SwipBox’s surge in sales was mainly driven by their newly introduced Infinity solution. Rethinking the entire parcel locker technology, SwipBox Infinity is battery-driven and Bluetooth enabled. Due to their ability to fit almost any space, installation of these lockers is extremely quick and hassle-free. Thus, it becomes much easier to create dense, flexible networks, allowing customers and couriers to pick up parcels conveniently using an app.

SwipBox infinity solution

(Image Source: SwipBox)

According to the company’s Chairman, Lars-Christian Brask, SwipBox’s success can be attributed to the combination of a strong, visionary management team and a sound strategy. “We’ve sharpened our strategic focus and sold our shares in the Danish parcel locker network named Nærboks, allowing us to focus 100% on delivering parcel locker networks to our customers.The good result can be attributed to the management team and employees at SwipBox, who have consistently executed the strategy laid out,” said Brask. Moving forward, the team has set itself new, ambitious goals that involve expansion of existing networks as well as  establishing a presence in new markets.

Source: SwipBox installs more than 150,000 parcel locker compartments in record year

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