Funding Roundup: SupplyPike, ...

Funding Roundup: SupplyPike, Syrius Robotics Raised Series B Funds and More

Jul 22, 2022

It has been a splendid week for startups in the e-commerce, logistics and supply chain space. In this week’s Ecosystem Funding Roundup, we are thrilled to feature 6 of their amazing achievements:

KitaBeli Venture Funding 

Indonesia’s social commerce platform Kitabeli has raised $20M in venture capital led by Glade Brook Capital Partners. The new funding will enable the firm to further expand into second- and third-tier cities across the archipelago, while also rolling out new product categories such as beauty, personal care, mother and baby products, frozen food, and more.

  • Year Founded: 2020

  • Founders: Gopal Rathore, Ivana Tjandra, Prateek Chaturvedi, Subhash Bishnoi

  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Latest Funding: $20M Venture Funding 

  • Lead Investors: Glade Brook Capital Partners

AnyMind Series D Funding 

Japanese commerce enabler AnyMind closed $29.4M in Series D round. Founded in 2016 in Singapore, AnyMind offers tools to businesses, publishers, and influencers like cloud manufacturing, marketing, logistics, creator monetization, and more. The newly raised funds will be channeled to strengthen the company’s move in the commerce enablement space and fund future acquisitions.

  • Year Founded: 2016

  • Founders: Kosuke Sogo, Otohiko Kozutsumi

  • Location: Singapore

  • Latest Funding: $29.4M Series D

  • Lead Investors: JIC Venture Growth Investment

SupplyPike Series B Funding 

SupplyPike, a supply chain SaaS company, bagged $25M in Series B funding, giving the company $40M in total funding to date. SupplyPike aims to utilize the funds to continue developing software so that consumer packaged goods companies and brands are compliant with retailer needs and able to more efficiently deliver products on time. 

  • Year Founded: 2018

  • Founders: Daniel Sanker, TJ Sangam

  • Location: Arkansas, United States

  • Latest Funding: $25M Series B

  • Lead Investors: Noro-Moseley Partners, Frontier Growth

Syrius Robotics Series B Funding

ByteDance-backed Chinese startup, Syrius Robotics, secured $7.4M in Series B funding round. Syrius Robotics develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) specifically to automate warehouse workflows. Currently, the company has clients in Japan, Singapore and South Korea and will leverage the funds to spearhead its expansion plans in Southeast Asia, North America and Europe.

  • Year Founded: 2018

  • Founders: Adam Jiang, Junbin Liu, Xuan Luo

  • Location: Shenzhen, China

  • Latest Funding: $7.4M Series B

  • Lead Investors: Harvest Capital

Flip Series B Funding 

Discovery e-commerce startup Flip closed $60M in a Series B funding round that puts its valuation at $500 million. Flip is the next-generation e-commerce platform combining a TikTok-like discovery experience with a premium e-commerce service. The startup plans to use the funding to expand the team, deepen its brand partnerships, and launch its own third-party social commerce marketplace this summer.

  • Year Founded: 2021

  • Founders: Noor Agha, Jonathan Ellman 

  • Location: Los Angeles, United States 

  • Latest Funding: $60M Series B

  • Lead Investors: WestCap

Lal10 Pre-Series A Funding 

India’s online cross-border wholesale platform Lal10 has raised $5.5M in its Pre Series A round. The fresh funds will be injected into expanding its tech-based supply chain solutions to buyers and technology innovation for MSMEs, empowering them with design to digitize the global wholesale discovery. The fresh capital will also be used to expand in the global markets across the US, Japan and the Middle East.

  • Year Founded: 2017

  • Founders: Maneet Gohil, Sanchit Govil, Albin Jose

  • Location: Delhi, India

  • Latest Funding: $5.5M Pre-Series A 

  • Lead Investors: Yuj Ventures and Beyond Capital Ventures 

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