Supply Chain Brain: 3 Ways Retailers Can use IoT to Prepare for Holiday Season

Nov 24, 2020

E-commerce has boomed amid the COVID-19 outbreak, with more consumers shifting towards online shopping. Retailers are preparing themselves for the holiday season when online sales are expected to skyrocket like never before. 

The internet of things (IoT) has the ability to reduce pressure on supply chains and improve the shopping experience for customers. Here are 3 ways retailers can use IoT this holiday season:

  1. Inventory management 

    1. Reduce manual effort by using IoT-enabled sensors to count inventory. These sensors will be able to detect the product weight on shelves; rapid decreases in weight, for example, would be a good indication to warehouse managers that this product requires replenishing.

  2. Delivery guarantees

    1. To ensure that customers have a great delivery and shopping experience, retailers can install IoT-enabled devices to shipments. These devices provide customers with live location updates, and can also pick up any potential issues to the conditions of the goods during the shipment. etailers can then act on this information immediately or provide alternatives within a short window to manage customer expectations.

  3. Social distancing

    1. Due to the ongoing pandemic, retailers have to manage capacity within the store. Using IoT-enabled sensors at the door can help track foot traffic. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has spurred many new innovations  Businesses preparing for the holiday season should consider incorporating IoT-enabled devices and sensors to manage the overwhelming crowd while adhering to the social distancing measures.

Source: Three Ways IoT Will Help Retail Supply Chains This Holiday Season

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