Staples Partners With DoorDas...

Staples Partners With DoorDash for Same-Day Deliveries

Aug 14, 2023

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In a strategic collaboration unveiled last week, DoorDash and Staples have joined forces to offer consumers unparalleled convenience when it comes to acquiring essential items for both the academic and professional realms.

Staples US Retail, the driving force behind this groundbreaking initiative, is a cornerstone in facilitating enhanced work and learning experiences across America. With an unwavering commitment to catering to the needs of small businesses and consumers, Staples offers a spectrum of cutting-edge services, including printing, shipping, travel, technology, and recycling, alongside a curated collection of products indispensable for modern work and study environments.

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The newly formed partnership guarantees swift and on-demand access to an extensive array of back-to-school and workplace necessities. Be it the advent of a student's inaugural year in elementary school or the commencement of a collegiate journey, individuals can now revel in the ease of having their entire supply list promptly delivered right to their doorstep within an hour on average.

An impressive network of nearly 1,000 Staples locations across the United States is now seamlessly integrated into the DoorDash marketplace, empowering consumers with effortless access to a comprehensive assortment of tools required for a prosperous school year. The DoorDash Marketplace has expanded to include Staples' diverse inventory encompassing pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, binders, lunch boxes, index cards, notebooks, printers, calculators, and an array of other indispensable items. This innovative collaboration has effectively democratized the experience for parents, educators, and students of all grade levels, enabling them to swiftly and conveniently procure their essentials with the mere tap of a button.

As a special inauguration for the 2023 school year, residents in the United States are entitled to a $20 discount on Staples orders exceeding $40, employing the code STAPLES20. This exclusive offer extends through August 13th and applies to Staples orders placed via the DoorDash app or website. Staples' product lineup can be conveniently accessed through DashPass, a membership program offered by DoorDash that confers zero delivery fees on qualifying orders from numerous grocery, convenience, and retail establishments nationwide. DashPass members can savor these perks for all eligible Staples orders that meet the specified minimum subtotals.

Source: DoorDash and Staples Partner for On-Demand Delivery

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