SHEIN Partners With Queen of Raw to Reduce Excess Inventory

May 16, 2023

(Image Source: Ksenia Chernaya/ Pexels)

Global fast fashion giant SHEIN and Queen of Raw, a company that develops software to solve supply chain excess inventory problems, announced a partnership to help the former become a major steward of premium deadstock materials. In an attempt to reduce textile waste and minimize the use of new raw materials, SHEIN is developing a unique business model that involves repurposing excess inventory from other brands. By leveraging circularity, the company aims to set a precedent for alternative business models that prioritize sustainability.

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To do this, SHEIN is using Materia MX, a unique proprietary software developed by Queen of Raw, to obtain pre-existing materials from companies and retailers eager to ethically get rid of their surplus fabric inventory rather than letting it end up in landfills. Algorithms for gauging the scope of an organization's influence were created by Queen of Raw with help from MIT's Solve Innovation Future. By diverting 1 million yards of fabrics from excess inventory, SHEIN could potentially establish itself as a leading global player in repurposing deadstock materials. This move would not only aid in water conservation but also prevent the generation of carbon dioxide equivalents typically produced through traditional manufacturing methods.

“We look forward to supporting one of the world’s leading retailers on its journey to transform its supply chain. SHEIN’s influence in the fashion industry aligns with our position as the global leader in measuring and reporting environmental impacts for excess inventory and waste streams across industries,” said Stephanie Benedetto, CEO of Queen of Raw. “Our technology empowers SHEIN to incorporate local deadstock textiles from other brands into its on-demand business model to optimize future inventory purchases. As a result, climate and water impacts are reduced while enhancing transparency.”

By integrating the software into their supply chain processes, SHEIN can more easily ensure that their purchased materials comply with both their own sourcing standards and Materia MX's deadstock standard. The materials are subsequently provided to SHEIN designers, who integrate them into products offered on the SHEIN platform. Additionally, the Materia MX platform enables SHEIN to monitor and report data in accordance with scientific standards.

Source: SHEIN Sets Ambition to Become Global Leader in Rescuing Industry’s Excess Inventory through Circular Economy Technology in Partnership with Queen of Raw

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