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Sephora North America Appoints Artemis Patrick as the New CEO

Sep 18, 2023

(Image Source: Deva Darshan/ Unsplash)

Sephora, the renowned beauty retailer, is set to undergo a leadership transition in the coming months, with Artemis Patrick taking the helm as the next CEO of Sephora North America in April next year. The announcement was made by Sephora CEO Guillaume Motte, who detailed the upcoming changes in the company's leadership structure.

Artemis Patrick, the current Global Chief Merchandising Officer, will assume the role of President of Sephora North America on October 2nd, marking the beginning of a transition period during which she will work closely with the outgoing CEO, Jean-André Rougeot. This transitional phase aims to ensure a seamless handover of responsibilities. After Jean-André Rougeot retires, Artemis Patrick will report directly to Guillaume Motte, assuming the position of CEO for Sephora North America.

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As part of this leadership shift, Priya Venkatesh, the Senior Vice President of Global Merchandising, will step into the role of Global Chief Merchandising Officer, effective October 2nd. In her new role, Venkatesh will be part of the senior leadership team and report directly to Guillaume Motte.

These changes come as Sephora prepares for a new era of leadership with both Artemis Patrick and Priya Venkatesh boasting extensive experience within the company. Artemis Patrick has been with Sephora for 17 years, while Priya Venkatesh has dedicated 18 years to the beauty retailer. Guillaume Motte himself took on the CEO role in January, succeeding former Starbucks executive Martin Brok.

Artemis Patrick's ascent to the role of CEO for Sephora North America will be a carefully orchestrated process, beginning with her shadowing Jean-André Rougeot from October onwards. Over the course of this transition, Patrick will gradually assume responsibility for various aspects of the business, including stores, e-commerce, marketing, technology, and supply chain. By January, she will be at the helm of shaping Sephora's strategic vision for the years 2025 to 2027.

“Her unrivalled retail, brand, beauty and consumer expertise, both in North America and globally, together with her remarkable leadership and in-depth knowledge of Sephora, will be instrumental in leading one of our most successful businesses,” Motte said in a statement.

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