Air Cargo News: SEKO Logistics Uses Descartes Solutions to Streamline Cross-Border E-commerce

Feb 22, 2022

(Image Source: Inbound Logistics)

SEKO Logistics has announced its partnership with Descartes technologies to streamline the processing time for e-commerce shipments. The supply chain specialist is applying Descartes’ software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to its e-commerce unit for air cargo and security filings. “Descartes’ high-level filing automation enabled SEKO to further manage the extraordinary volumes we’re shipping”, said David Emerson, Senior Vice President of e-commerce solutions at SEKO Logistics.

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Descartes is a market leader in providing connectivity and air messaging services to custom authorities around the world. With its support, shippers and freight forwarders can electronically file air waybill information for shipment clearance, thus accelerating the flow of air cargo while simultaneously enhancing security and reducing costs. As of today, the software has already helped SEKO process more than 10 million packages each month globally.

Given its long-standing track record in the field, Descartes is confident in fulfilling the needs of its e-commerce client. “With cross-border trade regulations constantly evolving, e-commerce can pose compliance and customer service challenges when transporting goods by air,” said Scott Sangster, Vice President of global logistics service providers at Descartes.“We’re pleased to help SEKO move a high volume of international e-commerce shipments more securely, compliantly and efficiently,” he added.

Source: SEKO Logistics streamlines cross-border commerce with Descartes technology

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