SCMR: SEKO Logistics Continues to Expand With the Acquisition of Pixior LLC

Aug 19, 2022

(Image Source: SEKO Logistics)

In a major move for SEKO Logistics, the Illinois-based third-party logistics (3PL) services provider announced the acquisition of Pixior LLC earlier this week. Pixior was founded in 2000, providing fulfillment and retail services but focusing on the high-end fashion sector. The company is mostly active on the West Coast and also has an office in Connecticut. 

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On the other hand, SEKO was only established in 2011 but has been steadily expanding. It had nearly tripled its square footage and also focused on the West Coast area. Chief Growth Officer of SEKO Brian Bourke believes that the similarities in focused market, values and services make this a win-win deal for both SEKO and Pixior.

SEKO forecasts substantial growth in its e-commerce business in the next 3 years (over $1 billion) and Pixior expertise will nicely compliment SEKO’s core e-commerce capabilities. "Pixior had already positioned itself as a leader in high-end fashion e-commerce fulfillment and brand services with a unique focus on client value-added services. We saw this expertise, as well as their West Coast facility footprint and ability to quickly develop new space and onboard clients in such highly constricted real estate markets as a notable differentiator,” mentioned Bourke.

With the help of Pixior, SEKO can now provide added value to customers with personalized e-commerce fulfillment services, including services like embroidery, steaming, and even instrument tuning. CEO Yassine Amallal  of Pixior will still work as the leader of the business unit after the acquisition. “Pixior has grown substantially since the company was founded more than 20 years ago. To continue our growth, we needed a partner with the right capabilities and expertise to accelerate and expand what we’ve been able to achieve. SEKO is the right partner,” Amallal stated.

Source: SEKO Logistics announces acquisition of Pixior LLC

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