Schneider Launches Large-Scal...

Schneider Launches Large-Scale Electric Charging Hub in Southern California

Jun 14, 2023

(Image Source: JETSI Project)

Schneider has recently opened a large-scale zero emission electric charging depot in Southern California. The company, along with other carriers, is increasing their orders of electric trucks, making the availability of charging stations a top priority. Despite California having the strictest emissions laws in the country, the development of charging infrastructure, especially for heavy-duty trucks, has been slower.

Schneider's new charging hub, located at their South El Monte Intermodal Operations Center, is capable of providing an 80% charge within 90 minutes, as stated by the company. Schneider's President and CEO, Mark Rourke, emphasized the importance of on-site charging as the most efficient solution for powering their growing electric fleet. He acknowledged the infrastructure challenges and the need for collaboration with various experts to realize their vision.

Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Schneider has made significant investments in reducing emissions, receiving both public and private funding for their initiatives. JETSI, part of California Climate Investments, provided funding for 50 out of Schneider's 92 battery-electric trucks. Additionally, California's Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project funded 30 trucks, while the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust funded seven trucks. 5 trucks received joint funding from the EPA's FY18 Targeted Airshed Grant and the voucher incentive initiative.

“For decades, we’ve built a strong, deep relationship with Schneider, aligning on strategic priorities such as safety and efficiency,” said David Carson, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Daimler Truck North America. “They’ve provided our team with vital insight on the opportunities for battery electric trucks in the goods movement industry. Through the outreach and education being conducted as part of the JETSI project, other fleets can learn from Schneider’s experiences and apply them to future deployment of zero emission vehicles nationwide.”

Source: Schneider opens large-scale zero emission electric charging depot in Southern California

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