Digital Commerce 360: Consumers Prefer Same-Day Delivery

Mar 19, 2021

According to February 2021 Digital Commerce 360/Bizrate Insights survey, 68% of consumers say that they will only place an order if fast shipping is available. Delivery companies and e-commerce businesses are working to improve their efficiency and provide same-day delivery. 

Another February 2021 Digital Commerce 360/Bizrate Insights survey on omnichannel shopping suggests that 36% of e-commerce consumers have ordered for same-day shipping from a web-only merchant, 12% higher than the previous result in August 2020. The number of shoppers opting for same-day delivery from a traditional store has also increased to 26% from 14%. 

This significant difference was partly due to the pandemic outbreak last year, which led to a surge in online orders since physical stores were closed. Logistics companies could not foresee the situation and were not well-prepared when the flood of parcels came. 

The carriers now have adapted to the new normal and are able to offer same-day shipping not only for essential goods like groceries but also across all categories. Amazon is the leading company providing this delivery option. 

Erik Morton, senior vice president of product and strategy at CommerceHub urges other retailers to keep up with Amazon: 

“If Amazon can do it, then other retailers need to do it as well. Is [same-day delivery] something that traditional brick-and-mortar retailers should be spending money on and investing in? I think the answer is absolutely.”

Source: Online shoppers demand same-day delivery

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