Supply Chain Brain: Robotics Helped Retailers Ramp Up Production This Holiday Season

Jan 04, 2021

(Image Source: Supply Chain Brain)

In 2020, holiday sales were projected to grow between 3.6% to 5.2% year over year, making $766 billion in online sales. 

Last holiday season, 48% of consumers had planned to do their holiday shopping online; a 41% increase from 2019. The increased e-commerce demand had put a lot of pressure on the supply chain to fulfill expectations. Retailers that invested in technology were better positioned for the peak season and at an advantage in terms of managing capacity at higher efficiencies.  

So how did robotics technology help retailers manage capacity during the 2020 holiday season?

  1. Robots make up for the manpower shortage in warehouses due to social distancing guidelines, while fulfilling orders with greater efficiencies. 

  2. Robots are able to work longer hours without extra cost.

  3. Robotic systems allow companies to respond to demand fluctuations flexibly and with scalability. 

  4. Robots allow companies to ramp up production seamlessly for the holiday season. 

Source: Robots Eased Pressure on Retailers This Holiday Season

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