Retail Dive: Twitter Joins Tech Giants in Providing E-Commerce Features

Aug 04, 2021

(Image Source: TechCrunch)

Social media integration with e-commerce features is a rising trend. As tech giants like Facebook, Whatsapp, and TikTok are introducing their e-commerce features, Twitter is rolling out their Shop Module to test the platform’s potential for e-commerce. 

The feature will be first available in the U.S. for users with iOS devices and with a few unnamed brands. The Shop Module allows retailers to display their products at the top of their Twitter profiles. The customer will then be able to easily browse products, tap on them to learn more, and purchase items within the app. 

This is the response of social media platforms to consumers’ willingness to purchase items on these apps. 75% of users increase their purchases from brands they follow online, up by 12% from 2020, according to research from Sprout Social. A recent study from NPD also showed that 51% of surveyed people buy products thanks to social media content on their feeds. 

Twitter started to experiment with e-commerce features in 2015. After this first experimentation with shopping features, they have launched the Shop Module to see which shopping experience Twitter users favor. 

“With this pilot, we’ll get to explore how our engaged, responsive and chatty audience reacts to products that are emotionally charged — like a new jersey from your favorite sports team — or that provide lasting impact — like a new skincare regimen,” wrote Bruce Falck, revenue product lead of Twitter.

Source: Twitter debuts tool that lets users shop on brand profiles

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