Globe Newswire: Redwood Logistics and Cloverly Partnered Up for Sustainability Program

Jul 08, 2022

Redwood Logistics, the creator of the Logistics Platform-as-a-Service model, has strategically partnered with Cloverly, an API-first Sustainability-as-a-Service solution that provides access to high-quality carbon credits. This is in tandem with The Redwood Hyperion sustainability solution that aids customers to gain load-by-load visibility into their freight emissions and then offset them with carbon credits. 

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As posited by Jason Rubottom, Chief Executive Officer of Cloverly, “Climate action matters to customers, businesses and the planet we share,”. As such, this new collaboration will enable carbon-neutral shipping initiatives by bringing together flexible access to data powered by the logistics integration platform RedwoodConnect and instant access of carbon credits via Cloverly.

“Redwood is focused on taking steps to achieve customers’ sustainability goals; all while improving efficiency and minimizing costs,” stated Michael Reed, Chief Product Officer at Redwood. “The full suite of services is designed to help customers implement green initiatives by providing visibility first, followed by a balanced approach of reduction techniques and strategies with a combination of carbon offsets”, he added.  

Source: Redwood Logistics Partners with Cloverly to Enhance Carbon Emissions Management for Customers

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