PR Newswire: Purolator Transf...

PR Newswire: Purolator Transforms Transportation Sector With Its New Sortation Facility in Toronto

Aug 12, 2022
PR Newswire: Purolator Transforms Transportation Sector With Its New Sortation Facility in Toronto

(Image Source: Maple Business Council)

Purolator, Canada's top integrated freight, package, and logistics solutions provider, formally launched its new 443,084-square-foot National Hub on August 9, 2022. This sortation facility is the largest and most sophisticated in Purolator's network. The National Hub, which is located near multiple major roads in Toronto, triples the capacity of Purolator's existing Ontario sortation plant and expands its network capabilities with new world-class automation and innovative scanning and sorting technologies.

"Purolator has been delivering goods across Canada for almost 60 years. The National Hub's launch comes at a critical time, following two years of record growth in e-commerce and a strong rise in online shopping,” mentioned John Ferguson, President and CEO of Purolator. "Investment in this infrastructure and new technology is a game changer, based on our history of innovation. It makes it easier to transfer items across the country rapidly, which helps all kinds of businesses and services grow.”

The development of Purolator's new National Hub, which began in May 2020, during the first wave of the epidemic, was aided by best-in-class worldwide learnings from global benchmarking visits. When running at maximum capacity, it will process up to 70,000 packages per hour, triple the previous facility's capacity. In addition, the new hub features cutting-edge technology that can empty a trailer in under 10 minutes or up to 12,000 packages per hour – ten times the quantity that can be unloaded manually.

However, rather than using a conventional sortation system, the National Hub makes use of cutting-edge technology to divide packages based on their size, weight, and dimensions. Every business move we make is driven by innovation, and this is especially true now as we're trying to update Purolator's extensive network. Our reactivity and scalability can now be increased and decreased drastically to satisfy the needs of industry-specific solutions and the demand for time-sensitive express shipments," Ferguson added.

Purolator placed a high value on the well-being of its workers when creating the National Hub. The company incorporated global industry best practices and technology, improved safety measures, such as guard rails and sensors, and fitted ergonomic equipment to limit the danger of physical injury. Also included are a 6,500 sq ft café and terrace, a considerably larger wellness area, and a training center which doubles the size of the former facility. 

Source: Purolator leads the way in revolutionizing the transportation industry with new cutting-edge national sortation facility in Toronto

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