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Feb 18, 2020

Hello there! 

If you regularly visit Parcel Monitor to track your parcels, you would be familiar with the real-time shipment tracking service we have been providing since 2016. 

Our site integrates with over 600 carriers around the world, helping consumers like you and me to track shipments easily, whilst providing regular, automated email updates across multiple languages.

Another key feature available was that we could review our experience with carriers. Whether you loved the delivery experience or had opinions on how it could be improved, the platform provided an avenue to provide feedback about your experience. 

This benefited other consumers, as they could refer to peer reviews as a reliable source of carriers’ performance. Retailers could also leverage the information to decide which carriers to work with. 

Why build Parcel Monitor Community? 

The newly launched Parcel Monitor Community is an extension of our ambition to drive transparency, accountability, and collaboration — for the betterment of the e-commerce logistics industry.  

With a treasure trove of parcel data amassed on the platform from billions of parcels tracked over the past 4 years (from logistics performance, delivery timings to carrier ratings), we at Parcel Monitor thought it was time to play our part and start the ball rolling. 

Let’s get you started! 

In our revamped site, consumers, carriers, and retailers can come together to share your knowledge, discuss ideas, and pose a question or answer one. 

Consumers like you and I will still be able to track parcels as before, and the Parcel Monitor team will strive to provide members with the latest insights from the industry. 

Retailers will be able to learn more about their customers’ post-checkout experience, and logistics companies and carriers will be able to improve their services using industry benchmarks. 

Through data and the collective wisdom of the community, we believe we can turn around traditional siloed mindsets today and create an open, collaborative space within the e-commerce logistics industry. 

Join us on our mission to deliver a better e-commerce logistics experience for merchants, logistics carriers, and consumers. 

The Parcel Monitor team

PS. We are always open to collaboration. Feel free to reach out to us!

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