BBC News: Parcel Firms Face New Rules to Boost Customer Service

Dec 22, 2021

(Image Source: BBC News)

Complaint handling is one of the main issues to be addressed in the latest proposals to improve customer service. According to Regulator Ofcom, over ⅔ of surveyed customers had problems with deliveries and were not satisfied with how firms resolve problems. 

Following the global pandemic, online shopping and parcel deliveries have become an integral part of people’s daily lives. For that reason, Ofcom plans to apply new enforcements and further tighten regulations to enhance customers’ experience as well as ensure fair treatment of all individuals.

Ofcom’s new proposal require parcel firms to: 

  • Tell customers who to contact, what channels they can use to make complaints

  • Inform customers about the complaints process and estimated time to resolve

  • Allocate trained staff to take care of customers’ problems

  • Treat disabled people equally

The proposal is a part of the 5-year review postal regulation. While some believe the regulator is already behind with delivery, others may argue that it is better late than never. Online shopping was popular even before the pandemic and the matters were brought up only this March. The extra regulations will be most likely introduced next summer and even then, there is a high possibility of them remaining as mere guidelines.

Source: Parcel firms told to improve how they handle complaints

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