CSA: Pacsun Adopts Customer360 to Improve Shopper Experiences

Dec 23, 2021

(Image Source: SoundCommerce)

Pacsun has just adopted SoundCommerce Customer360 to align marketing, merchandising and operations data. Leveraging on the cloud solution, the leading retailer aims to create “single source of truth” for all customer transactions across its retail stores and e-commerce sites. 

Thanks to the platform, Pacsun can now craft holistic customer profiles, track shopper behavior and execute marketing campaigns in line with its profitability targets. With insights such as average order value and frequency of returns, the retailer is able to optimize assortment, promotions and fulfillment for greater engagement as well as customer lifetime value (CLV). In the long run, Pacsun intends to launch complex membership and subscription programs by offering exclusive discounts for select customers.

Moreover, SoundCommerce’s technology can also help generate actionable customer segments, product assortments, and orders based on granular criteria. For instance, customers can be grouped based on marketing criteria such as cost of acquisition, campaign source and operational data such as order cancellation and lag in delivery time.

“SoundCommerce helps Pacsun manage complex omnichannel data to drive great customer experiences and higher CLV,” said Mike Relich, Co-CEO at Pacsun. “With SoundCommerce, we’re making smarter decisions to build stronger relationships with our community, even as we grow our profitable retail operations.” Pacsun’s CIO Shirley Gao agrees, adding that “SoundCommerce has been integral to unlocking value from our data.”

Source: Pacsun creates ‘single source of truth’ for customer data

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