Ecommerce News: Otto Group Found that Return Rates have Dropped Due to COVID-19

Aug 11, 2020

With store closures, it is widely known that COVID-19 has led to a spike in online sales. However, according to Germany-based Otto Group, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, return rates have decreased by 5%. Return rates refer to the proportion of items returned to the merchant as compared to the number of orders made. 

This change in buying behavior may be attributed to consumers shopping more consciously during the pandemic and putting off spontaneous and big-ticket purchases. 

“Purchasing behavior has obviously changed during the Corona crisis – from spontaneous purchases driven by emotions to inspiring, but more conscious, needs-based coverage,” states Dr. Marcus Ackermann, Otto Group Board Member for Multichannel Distance Selling. 

“It is not yet possible to predict whether these changes will last and whether they will also correspond to a generally more conscious purchase by customers.”

Source: Otto Group: coronavirus has lowered the return rate

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