OnTrac Breaks into Texas Mark...

OnTrac Breaks into Texas Market, Offering Next-Day Delivery to 19 Million New Customers

Aug 02, 2023

(Image Source: OnTrac)

In a significant move, leading e-commerce parcel carrier OnTrac has announced its expansion into the rapidly growing urban megaregion of Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas. This expansion will enable e-commerce retailers and shippers to reach an additional 19 million consumers with faster and reliable home delivery services at a reduced cost. The decision to enter the Texas market further solidifies OnTrac's position as a proven alternative to national carriers, demonstrating the increasing demand for its services.

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“Our Texas expansion is a win-win situation for retailers and their customers. Retailers can leverage our delivery network to acquire customers and build brand loyalty with faster home delivery, lower their costs, and increase flexibility, while consumers get their items delivered faster. We are thrilled to expand into the Lone Star State. We look forward to welcoming more employees to the OnTrac team and growing our involvement within the local communities,” said Josh Dinneen, Chief Commercial Officer of OnTrac.

OnTrac's Dallas-Fort Worth branch, located at 802 East Centre Park Blvd., will serve as the major sorting hub for Texas operations, facilitating millions of deliveries to the region's 7.6 million residents. The facility's strategic location provides easy access to the I-35 and I-20 corridors, enabling efficient distribution across the Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio markets. The expansion is also set to generate hundreds of full- and part-time jobs, contributing to the economic growth and development of the local communities.

“The expansion of OnTrac into Texas, specifically the North Texas region, is incredibly exciting news for both the state and the local community. By establishing a sorting hub in Dallas, OnTrac will empower e-commerce businesses to maintain their competitiveness and expand their reach to a wider customer base. This development will not only create numerous job opportunities for the residents of North Texas but also contribute to the overall growth and prosperity of the region,” said Megan McQuery, Vice President, Communications, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

The expansion also marks a significant milestone for OnTrac, as it aligns with the company's recent network and infrastructure investments to support retailers. Last year, OnTrac introduced a transcontinental delivery service, connecting its East and West Coast delivery footprints, enabling packages to move from coast to coast in just three days. Texas serves as a vital connection point between the two complementary operating networks, allowing retailers and shippers to leverage OnTrac's services and reach more customers in highly populated areas.

Texas consumers can now take advantage of OnTrac's proprietary delivery platform, which includes the Visual Proof of Delivery (vPOD) service. This service offers enhanced visibility and transparency by providing a photo confirmation with a virtual time stamp when package deliveries have been completed. Additionally, the NotifyMe feature sends SMS notifications to alert consumers of attempted deliveries, further streamlining the delivery experience.

Source: OnTrac Expands to Texas, Bringing Next-Day Delivery to 19 Million New Consumers

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