Ninja Van Focuses on Hub Automation, Stepping into the 8th Year of Operation

Mar 15, 2023

Image Source: Ninja Van

Ninja Van Malaysia ignites the campaign “Ninja Van Malaysia Turns 8: Celebr8ing Innov8ion”, celebrating its 8th birthday and further affirms its efforts to accelerate automation for hassle-free deliveries for shippers and shoppers in Malaysia. 

Since 2015, Ninja Van, the tech-enabled logistics company has declared its position as one of the most reliable logistics providers in the country, in charge of over 15 million packages in the last 12 months. Ninja Van operates almost 5,700 Pick up and Drop off points nationwide and owns a  260,000 square feet hub in Shah Alam.

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On the occasion of its 8th birthday, Ninja Van introduced its new automation system, which is capable of weighing, measuring and scanning up to 30,000 parcels per hour. The automation will speed up the daily processing time to almost 35%, with more accuracy and efficiency.

“In the last few years, we’ve observed that e-commerce is a macro trend that is here to stay. As such, we will continue to focus on driving greater operational efficiency and building the infrastructure to provide best-in-class service for our customers. By automating the way parcels are processed, we are able to provide a faster and more secure service for the shippers and shoppers that grew with us over the last eight years. We trust that these improvements are also in line with the country’s dedication in classifying logistics as a priority industry,” said Adzim Halim, Chief Executive Officer at Ninja Van Malaysia. 

According to the CEO, technological innovations are crucial to the development of the logistics industry and the digital economy. Being a major player in the South-East Asia market, Ninja Van is committed to uplifting the industry in this direction and providing more value-added services and tools to meet the needs of all our users.

One of the company’s latest products to help shippers grow their businesses is NinjaBiz, an app allowing shippers to access their accounts and deliveries on the go. They also released Ninja Van’s Logistics+, a suite of supply chain management solutions for SMEs in Southeast Asia. The initiative is benefitting over 30,000 SMEs in the region.

Source: Ninja Van Malaysia Amplifies Hub Automation To Mark Its Eighth Anniversary

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